Energy consumption and load monitoring for electrical devices

Monitor power consumption and load of any mains-connected electrical device to gain insight into energy consumption at substations, factories and buildings.


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Device partner

Product description

This MCF88-LW12PLG compact LoRaWAN energy meter can be used to monitor power consumption of the attached load. It comes equipped with a rechargeable battery for power failure detection. The Energy Meter plug can also be switched on or off remotely, allowing for switching any connected device on or off. 



  • LoRa Class C
  • Measuring and switching 230Vac – 16Amp
  • Configurable default power on state
  • Active, reactive and apparent power, voltage and current
  • NFC for node setup, firmware update and data readout
  • Power supply via the grid
  • Rechargeable battery for power failure notification

Software functionality

Installation is easy and this energy meter is fully integrated with the Withthegrid platform, allowing for remote monitoring, sending commands for switching and adjusting the measurement interval. Issue triggers can be set on the platform, which will automatically trigger issues which users can be notified of via e-mail.

Device specification

Brand MCF88
Version LW12PLG
Communication LoRaWAN class C
Operating temperature range -10 + 70C °
Dimensions 115 x 66 x 30 mm