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Unlock additional revenue from your mobile battery

Are you looking to generate extra income from your mobile battery, even during periods of downtime? With the Teleport Gateway, you can also tap into lucrative revenue streams when your battery is not rented out or not actively use.

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Why unlocking the flexibility of your mobile battery?

Monetizing opportunities

Trade on markets like FCR or GOPACS, and turn your BESS into lucrative assets.

Optimized operations

Always use the full potential of your mobile battery, even during downtime.

Enhanced independence

Enjoy increased autonomy with a layer between BESS and energy trader.

Cybersecurity assurance

Comply with the increasing number of cybersecurity measures.

Meet the Teleport:
Your solution for mobile battery control and trader integration

Start earning more today with the Teleport Gateway. Unlock the flexibility and profitability of your mobile BESS in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

The Teleport

The Teleport Gateway,
your solution for mobile battery control

Key features:

Optimize your operations:
Increase your revenue by operating your mobile battery when it’s not being used or rented out.

Provide ancillary services:
Offer FCR, aFRR or GOPACS services, and increase your profits.

Connect to cloud EMS:
Combine the Teleport with a cloud EMS for controlling your battery based on price fluctuations on electricity markets.

Enjoy hassle-free integration with leading battery OEM brands already incorporated into the Teleport library, with new additions daily.

Real-time data:
Receive 1-second measurement data into your own systems with flash messages.

Cybersecure by design:
Rest easy knowing your data is protected – ISO27001 certified, PKI encrypted data and communication, approved by Netbeheer Nederland.

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BESS 24/7 monitoring service: maximize uptime and ROI

We monitor the readout and control between trader and BESS actively 24/7. Active monitoring for:

  • Asset availability
  • Asset firmware updates
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Connectivity (incl. fallback)
  • Control commands integrity
  • Control loop monitoring
  • Data integrity (Error codes)
  • Data pipelines (API, Data forwarding)

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Our clients’ perspective

Utrecht, March 21, 2023 – Skoon and Withthegrid announce their collaboration to deploy mobile battery systems to solve electricity grid congestion. The platform Skoon Suite offers mobile sustainable energy systems for rent and lease, while the Withthegrid’s Teleport unlocks the access and control of the batteries.

The mobile batteries will be used when they are idle and stationed at their locations. The surplus capacity of these mobile batteries will be strategically employed in passive imbalance markets, FCR, and GOPACS for congestion.

Picture of Peter Paul van Voorst, CEO of Skoon

Peter Paul van Voorst

Founder of Skoon

“Mobile batteries are a unique opportunity to provide grid services during moments of downtime. Through the integration of the Teleport and the Skoon Suite, our platform empowers users to unlock new revenue streams while addressing grid congestion. With the collaborative efforts of the Withthegrid and Skoon teams, we are now able to support users and mobile battery providers in a quick and scalable manner.”

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