Unlock battery flexibility

Optimize your operations and trade on balancing markets

Are you looking to optimize your small-scale battery usage and boost profits through strategic market participation? The Teleport is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

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Optimized Operations

Operate your batteries at peak efficiency taking into account production, consumption and grid constraints.

Enhanced Independence

Enjoy increased autonomy with a layer between BESS and energy trader.

Monetizing Opportunities

Trade on markets like FCR or aFRR and turn your BESS into lucrative assets.

Cybersecurity Assurance

Comply with the increasing number of cybersecurity measures

Meet the Teleport:
Your solution for BESS control and trader integration

Start earning more today with the Teleport Gateway. Unlock the flexibility and profitability of your BESS in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

The Teleport
The Teleport,
your solution for battery control
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Optimize your operations: Lower your costs by implementing strategic peak shaving, dynamic load and dynamic feed-in strategies.

Provide ancillary services: Offer FCR and aFRR services to TenneT, and increase your profits.

Connect to cloud EMS: Combine the Teleport with a cloud EMS for controlling your battery based on price fluctuations on electricity markets.

Plug-and-play: Enjoy hassle-free integration with leading battery OEM brands already incorporated into the Teleport library, with new additions daily.

Real-time data: Receive 1-second measurement data into your own systems with flash messages.

Cybersecure by design: Rest easy knowing your data is protected – ISO27001 certified, PKI encrypted data and communication, approved by Netbeheer Nederland.

Battery flexibility unlocked:
How can you benefit?

Discover how you can use the Teleport to increase efficiency and profits.

On-site EMS

Use the Teleport for energy management strategies:

  • Peak Shaving
  • By using stored energy when your electricity needs are high, you can smooth out your peak consumption and lower the cost of your peak-rate based bill.

  • Dynamic Load and Feed-In
  • Smartly charge your BESS or feed-in electricity depending on the grid’s real-time status.

Connect with a cloud EMS

Make your BESS controllable with the Teleport and combine it with a cloud Energy Management System (EMS) software.

Market access

Your BESS is not just storage – it’s a valuable asset ready to capitalize on diverse markets. With the Teleport, you open doors to a multitude of opportunities, including participating in the primary control & secondary reserve markets (FCR and aFRR).

“Withthegrid helps us to control batteries, solar panels and wind turbines properly and safely. This way we can not only provide balancing services to TenneT and prevent congestion, but we can also let our customers benefit from price fluctuations on the EPEX and imbalance market.

Withthegrid is a good partner. They have a lot of technical knowledge and we work well together. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration!”

Jeffrey Bartels - Founder of Edmij

Jeffrey Bartels

Founder of Edmij

Discover customers’ perspective

Balance Service Provider (BSP) Edmij has partnered with Withthegrid to use the Teleport for ATEPS batteries on the Frequency Containment Reserve market (FCR market).

This collaboration not only empowers Edmij to provide crucial balancing services to TenneT, but also plays a pivotal role in preventing grid congestion.

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