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Reduce costs by optimizing your local grid

Are you looking to optimize your local energy production, storage and consumption while staying within your contracted grid limit? With the Teleport Gateway, you can manage all your assets via a single API while keeping your grid connection 24/7 protected.

Why use an EMS?

Unlock smarter and automated energy management with an EMS. This system empowers your organization to optimize energy use, reduce costs, and enhance the operational efficiency of your local grid.

Maximize grid connection capacity

Maximize the use of your (limited) grid connection.

Lower energy costs

Use peak shaving strategies to reduce high energy charges.

Real-time asset control

Enable asset control to maximise value of your assets .

Protect grid connection

Never exceed your static or dynamic contracted grid limits.

Meet the Teleport:

Your solution for asset control and local grid optimization

Start saving more today with the Teleport Gateway. Unlock the flexibility of your energy systems in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

The Teleport

With the Teleport,
get the best out of your grid connection.

Key features:

Peak shaving with batteries:
Lower your energy load during peak hours through dynamic control of storage systems and reduce costs.

Feed-in limit:
Benefit from dynamic adjustment of solar and wind asset power production based on real-time self-consumption, and stay within contracted grid limits.

Connect to cloud EMS:
Combine the Teleport with a cloud EMS for controlling your energy systems based on price fluctuations on electricity markets.

Enjoy hassle-free integration with leading OEM brands already incorporated into the Teleport library, with new additions daily.

Real-time data:
Receive 1-second measurement data into your own systems with flash messages.

Cybersecure by design:
Rest easy knowing your data is protected – ISO27001 certified, PKI encrypted data and communication, approved by Netbeheer Nederland.

Our clients’ perspective:

March 2024Tibo Energy have entered into a partnership to enhance Energy Management Systems (EMS). While Tibo Energy delivers an advanced cloud-based EMS, Withthegrid provides to this the Teleport to unlock the flexibility of assets and ensure all electricity flows remain within the network connection limit.

Picture of Remo Eikhout, CEO of Tibo Energy

Remco Eikhout

CEO of Tibo Energy

“We were looking for a party that could provide the best on-site EMS for us. The end result was the Withthegrid Teleport. Their focused effort to keep all electrical flows behind the meter within the network limits and to make all assets controllable was decisive for our decision.”

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