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Maximize your earnings with curtailment solutions

Unlock your green energy potential and boost your profits.

Calculate below how much you can earn by curtailing (switching off) your wind turbines or solar panels in case of negative imbalance prices.

Please note: Negative imbalance prices are different from negative day-ahead prices. You have a dynamic contract based on EPEX prices? You want to know if curtailment is a solution for you? → Check here

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Curtailment: What is it?

In the last decade, the Netherlands has witnessed a rapid growth of the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid. While this shift towards sustainability is promising, it has also introduced a new challenge: excess of green energy leading to more grid imbalance.

To prevent this imbalance, curtailment is used as a solution. Curtailment means temporarily reducing the capacity of energy generators, such as wind turbines or solar farms, at times when there is more supply than demand. The primary objective is to keep the energy grid in balance. However, energy producers can use curtailment as a shield against negative imbalance prices.

If you don’t apply curtailment, you pay for the power you produce.

Benefits of curtailment

Stop losing money and start maximizing your earnings.

By applying automatic curtailment, the efficiency of your asset improve. You are no longer supplying electricity when imbalance prices are negative.

Keep the energy grid balanced, even during peak production.

Make your assets more controllable and adaptable to changing energy demands.

Your asset can respond to control signals. This is not only interesting for curtailment, but also for other services.

Be prepared for new legislations and stay compliant effortlessly.

The energy system of the future will require much more control of all installations. In 2024, grid operators will need to be able to intervene immediately in the event of acute congestion. This is called the Real-time interface. With Withthegrid’s curtailment solution, you are already prepared for this.

Solar pannels

Check how much you can save with curtailment

Please note: Imbalance prices are different from EPEX day-ahead prices.
If you want to check how much you can earn by curtailing when EPEX day-ahead prices are negative, click here: Curtailment - EPEX day-ahead negative prices.

Why curtailment matters?

Stop Paying to Produce Power

Did you know that, without curtailment, you're essentially paying to produce power? It's due to negative imbalance prices.

The Consequences of Negative Electricity Prices

For instance, on the right, you can see TenneT's imbalance prices. From 12:00 there was a negative imbalance price. As the owner of a solar installation or wind turbine, you could have earned extra income by automatically switching off your installation (curtailing) and avoid paying to produce.

→ An average solar farm loses EUR 36k annually by not applying curtailment.

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TenneT's imbalance prices, with negative prices at 12:00
The Teleport
Discover the Teleport,
your solution for asset control

The Teleport: Your Solution for Asset Control

Start earning more today with the Teleport Gateway, which allows you to unlock the flexibility and profitability of your energy assets in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

  • Automated Curtailment: Easily implement automated curtailment by your energy trader or your DSO.
  • Maximize Grid Capacity Utilization: Use your energy assets efficiently with an on-site Energy Management System (EMS).
  • Plug-and-play: The Teleport connects to over 200 type of assets (solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, meters...) and integrates to any database.
  • Certified Security: ISO27001 certified, with 24/7 monitoring for peace of mind.
  • Compliant with new regulations: From 2024, it will be mandatory in the Netherlands to install a Real-time interface (RTI) for solar parks and wind turbines above 1 MW. This allows the grid operator to intervene immediately in the event of acute grid congestion. The Teleport is the first RTI certified endpoint to comply with its requirements.
Discover the Teleport
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