Curtailment: What is it?

In the Netherlands, more and more energy is being generated by renewable sources, such as wind and solar. This is a positive development, but an imbalance in the energy grid due to overproduction of green energy, as it cannot yet be stored on a large scale. To prevent this imbalance, curtailment is used as a solution. Curtailment means temporarily scaling back the capacity of, for example, wind turbines or solar farms, at times when there is more supply than demand, thus keeping the energy grid in balance.

“If you don’t apply curtailment, you pay for the power you produce.”

Voordelen van curtailment

By applying automatic curtailment, the efficiency of your plant improve. You no longer supply electricity when prices are negative.

By participating in automatic curtailment you contribute to keeping the net in balance.

Your asset can respond to control signals. This is not only interesting for curtailment, but also for other services.

The energy system of the future will require much more control of all installations. The grid operator will soon also want to intervene immediately in the event of acute congestion. This is called the Real-time interface. With Withthegrid’s curtailment solution you are already prepared for this.

Curtailment zonnepark

Calculate your savings now

Negative imbalance price, paying to produce power

On the right, you can see TenneT's imbalance prices. From 12:00 there was a negative imbalance price. As the owner of a solar installation or wind turbine, you could have earned extra income by automatically switching off your installation (curtailing) and avoid paying to produce.

"An average solar farm loses EUR 36k annually by not applying curtailment"

Get more return from your installation with curtailment

With the Teleport, you increase your revenue and help create a more stable energy grid