How curtailment (switching off) of solar energy production keeps the energy grid in balance

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Keeping the energy grid in balance: the role of solar energy curtailment

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By Paul Mignot
Published on: 01/12/2022

To keep the energy grid in balance, energy supply and demand must continuously match. Consumers and business users determine the demand, and the sun intensity and the amount of wind drive the supply. Sometimes there are peaks on days when the wind is very strong or on days when there is plenty of sun. If the demand lags behind, the net will become out of balance.

In an ideal world we want to use or store all green energy generated. We are working hard on this, but unfortunately we are not there yet. That is why, in practice, part of the solar and wind energy production is now regularly switched off. This is what we call curtailment

Withthegrid helps energy generators to curtail solar or wind energy responsibly, and at the right time, through the Withthegrid Teleport. One of the parties Withthegrid works with is om | nieuwe energie.

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Sustainable energy from om | nieuwe energie

om | nieuwe energie is a non-profit energy collective. Dozens of energy cooperatives throughout the country already generate enough power for hundreds of thousands of households. They generate this energy locally, together with citizens in their own neighborhood or region. 

om | nieuwe energie was founded in 2014 under the name Sustainable Energy Union by initiators TexelEnergie, Windunie and Urgenda. They saw the need for a new energy supply, and argue that the energy transition will proceed too slowly if we leave it to the government and the most dominant energy providers. Thus, they see decentralized energy generation as a necessity to make the Netherlands more sustainable.

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solar park that can be curtailed

Solar curtailment for Om | nieuwe energie

Om | nieuwe energie meets the needs of its members to smartly control solar parks through the Withthegrid Teleport. A solution that can be deployed quickly, applicable to all energy corporations and compliant with all strict cybersecurity measures.

André Dippell, director of om | nieuwe energie
André Dippell, director of om | nieuwe energie

André Dippell, Director at om | nieuwe energie shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“At Om | nieuwe energie, we offer cooperatives the opportunity to supply the sustainable energy they generate directly to customers. Withthegrid allows them to use smart technology quickly and easily. 

This increases the return on projects and allows more sustainable energy to be connected to the grid.

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