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Realtime Interface:

A comprehensive guide to the legislation, technical design and steps to become compliant


As the Dutch energy grid evolves towards a more sustainable and renewable-focused future, the Realtime Interface emerged as a solution for grid operators to tackle grid congestion and continue a safe integration of more renewable energy sources.

In this whitepaper, you’ll find everything you need to know about it — from the legislative groundwork to technical details, and actionable steps for compliance. 

Whether you’re generating power, operating the grid, or analyzing the industry, you’ll find valuable insights to understand and leverage the RTI effectively

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • The Dutch energy grid at a crossroads
      • The growth of renewable energy sources
      • Grid congestion and its implications
    • Introducing the Realtime interface (RTI)
      • What is the RTI?
      • Mandatory implementation timeline
      • Regulatory framework
  • Technical setup and customer endpoint requirements
    • RTI setup
    • Customer endpoint requirements
      • Functional requirements
      • Non-functional requirements
      • Cybersecurity
  • Getting started with the RTI
    • Understanding operational responsibility, costs, and compensation
    • Step by step towards compliance
    • Teleport Gateway as customer endpoint
  • Conclusion
    • Looking ahead – the future of the RTI
    • Conclusion
    • Additional resources

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