Managed solutions

Keep focusing on your assets, we do the rest.

End-to-end managed solutions

Avoid the hassle of connecting and maintaining all the building blocks for an IoT solution by opting for a managed solution. Strengthen your asset management resources with always available support from a Withthegrid solution engineer.

1. Hardware (if applicable)

  • Pre-sourced and validated hardware
  • Pre-configured
  • Installed in one go

2. Communication

  • Includes device communication subscription
  • Can directly communicate with your analytics environment

3. Software

  • Connected to AMI
  • Pre-configured dashboards with analytics

4. Support

  • Active monitoring on device and asset performance
  • E-mail + phone support
  • Best practices sharing for setting up your predictive maintenance solution
  • ISO27001 certified processes
  • IoT device firmware updates

Overview of solutions

Aside from a list of pre-configured solution Withthegrid provides the following solutions as a managed solution


Smart substation


Cathodic protection


Leak detection

Smart Substation

The Smart Substation solution brings substations and the LV grid online. It enables real-time monitoring of transformer loading and feeder cables.

Why the Withthegrid managed solution?

  • Predictive maintenance and loss of life analytics
  • Real-time monitoring for grid congestion
  • Plug and play solution reducing installation time to a minimum

“The Withthegrid digital twin helps us support prosumers in delivering more renewable energy to the grid whilst at the same time increasing the efficiency of our own operations.”

Hans Leenders – Asset manager Joulz

Cathodic protection

Real-time monitoring of cathodic protection for steel pipelines and in steel enforced concrete.

Why the Withthegrid managed solution?

  • Works with any CP configuration
  • Hardware and software specifically designed in accordance with EN 13509
  • Used by leading asset owner and specialist CP companies

“Withthegrid really helped us digitize our operational processes. We are now even more in control and can see the status of our assets in real-time.”

Menno van Os, Team Lead Pipelines NAM – Shell

Leak detection

Remote leak detection solution for district heating heating infrastructure

Why the Withthegrid managed solution?

  • Works with any leak detection configuration
  • Hardware and software specifically designed in accordance with EN 14419
  • Used by leading asset owners and specialist leak detection services companies

“The Withthegrid solution helps us save manhours and get data more frequently. The biggest benefit however is the ability to detect digging activities and reclaim damages.”

Loek Hagenstein Operational Assetmanager – Eneco

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