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Unlock the full potential of your energy assets

With the Teleport Gateway, make your assets controllable and flexible by connecting them seamlessly to the cloud.

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All asset owners
should benefit from flexibility

Maximize control and flexibility
You and your energy trader take the reins, ensuring every aspect of your assets operates at its peak efficiency.

Enhance ROI and profitability
Say goodbye to negative pricing risks, leverage price volatility to boost your profits, and get the best of your production and consumption within contracted grid limits.

Comply with new legislations
Comply with the new Real-time Interface requirements, mandatory since January 2024, and stay compliant with future regulatory changes.

The Teleport
The Teleport,
your solution for asset control
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Introducing the Teleport Gateway:
Your solution for unlocking asset flexibility

The Teleport is your gateway to unlock the value of your energy assets and increase profits – instantly.

Connect your energy assets to the cloud and unlock their full potential in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

Simplify connectivity, protect your grid connection

Without Teleport
With Teleport
Managing your assets without the Teleport means navigating complex integrations and managing maintenance tasks. Moreover, your grid connection is exposed to risks of overloading, leading to operational disruptions and non-compliance with the DSO.

Unlock flexibility
in a fast, secure and compliant manner


Easy and scalable installation

Connects to any asset:
Extensive library with 200+ asset

Standardized control:
Streamlined with a single JSON REST API

System integration:
Connects effortlessly to your database, message broker or webhook


by design

ISO27001 certified

Outbound connections only. All communication is encrypted.

24/7 monitoring for constant vigilance


Real-time Interface certified

First certified customer endpoint in the Netherlands

IEC-61850 protocol support

Developed in partnership with DSO’s in the Netherlands (Enexis, Liander and Stedin)

Steerable assets,
in three simple steps


Fill in the Asset Onboarding Form
Contact us and share technical details about your asset(s).


Receive your Teleport(s)
Fully configured Teleport(s) sent within 24 hours.


Connect your asset(s)
Install the Teleport(s) with ease, aided by remote support during site acceptance tests.

Picture of a lady showing with a pen a wind turbine miniature

One Gateway, countless use cases

Explore use cases and strategies to maximize value from flexibility.

Batteries: mobile
Batteries: large scale
Batteries: small scale
Direct DSO control
Curtailment PV / wind
On-site EMS
Dynamic load management
Energy hub
Man worker standing by solar panels

Curtailment solar (PV) and wind
No more risk of negative imbalance and/or EPEX electricity prices. Use the Teleport to enable automatic curtailment of your solar panels and/or wind turbines by your energy trader, and stop paying to produce power.

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Two men wearing yellow vests and helmets looking at the electricity grid

Direct DSO control: Real-time Interface
Since January 2024, it is mandatory in the Netherlands to install a Realtime Interface (RTI) for all new solar parks and wind turbines >1MW. This allows the grid operator to interve immediately in the event of acute congestion. Get the Teleport to comply with the RTI regulation, and obtain/upgrade your grid connection faster.

Discover the Realtime Interface  →
3D model of battery storage system (BESS)

Batteries: small scale
Optimize your small-scale battery usage and boost profits through strategic market participation. Use the Teleport to automatically (or manually) schedule charging and discharging, and trade on balancing markets such as FCR.

Discover case  →
3D modeling of batteries

Batteries: large scale
Generate more revenue with more independence. Use the Teleport to control and monitor your battery energy storage system (BESS) independently, as asset owner or as energy trader.

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Picture of a mobile battery moved to a field next to solar panels

Batteries: mobile
Are you looking to generate extra income from your mobile battery, even during periods of downtime? With the Teleport Gateway, you can also tap into lucrative revenue streams when your battery is not rented out or not actively used.

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People working on a energy hub, holding miniature wind turbine

Energy hub
Make all the energy assets of your energy hub controllable and unlock their flexibility.

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Picture of ventilation

Dynamic load management
Adjust dynamically self-consumption and production to reduce your energy costs. Optimize asset use locally, within grid limits.

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Picture of an engineer wearing a helmet and work uniform, holding a tablet, in the middle of an industrial place

On-site EMS
Are you looking to optimize your local energy production, storage and consumption while staying within your contracted grid limit? With the Teleport as on-site Energy Management System (EMS), you can manage all your assets via a single API while keeping your grid connection 24/7 protected.

Discover case  →

Our clients’ perspective

Discover why startups and large energy companies alike choose the Teleport.

Jeffrey Bartels - Founder of Edmij

Jeffrey Bartels

Founder of Edmij

“Withthegrid helps us to control batteries, solar panels and wind turbines properly and safely. This way we can not only provide balancing services to TenneT and prevent congestion, but we can also let our customers benefit from price fluctuations on the EPEX and imbalance market. Withthegrid is a good partner. They have a lot of technical knowledge and we work well together. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration!”

Picture of Dennis Schiricke

Dennis Schiricke

Co-Founder of SemperPower

“SemperPower is very enthusiastic about Castor [biggest battery in the Netherlands] going live. It’s a major step for developing a cleaner energy system. Having Withthegrid as one of our partners on this was a win. Their Teleport solution and monitoring service allows us to offer reliable and secure control to our offtakers, and monitor our batteries safely and efficiently. They have been proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner throughout this journey.”

André Dippell, director of om | nieuwe energie

André Dippell

Director of OM | Nieuwe Energie

“At OM | Nieuwe Energie, we offer cooperatives the opportunity to supply the sustainable energy they generate directly to customers. Withthegrid allows them to use smart technology quickly and easily. This increases the return on projects and allows more sustainable energy to be connected to the grid.”

Picture of Peter Paul van Voorst, CEO of Skoon

Peter Paul van Voorst

Founder of Skoon

“Mobile batteries are a unique opportunity to provide grid services during moments of downtime. Through the integration of the Teleport and the Skoon Suite, our platform empowers users to unlock new revenue streams while addressing grid congestion. With the collaborative efforts of the Withthegrid and Skoon teams, we are now able to support users and mobile battery providers in a quick and scalable manner.”

Kristian Boelema - ELIX

Kristian Boelema

Internal organisation at ELIX

“By deploying Withthegrid’s Teleport, we can quickly market a service to control assets on site. In doing so, we need to take little to no account of the different configurations of the assets and can therefore fully focus on deploying the service. The short lines of communication and quick follow-up by knowledgeable people also make for a very pleasant cooperation.”

No picture

Steijn van der Zwaag

Business Developer Energy Services at Vandebron

“Vandebron aims to be able to flexibly control more and more renewable resources, but this sometimes brings new technical challenges. Thanks to the fine cooperation [with Withthegrid], we were quickly able to realize a reliable technical solution to remotely control Enercon wind turbines and thus contribute to a more stable and sustainable energy system.”

Additional resources

Read about the latest Teleport added features, use cases and customer stories.

Teleport inside
SemperPower brings largest battery in the Netherlands online, supported by the Teleport

SemperPower unveils Castor, the largest Battery Energy Storage System in the Netherlands, with 30.7MW capacity. Flexibility unlocked by the Teleport Gateway.

Introducing Teleport Integrations: a new era of asset monitoring

Learn how you can now integrate Teleport data into your preferred monitoring tools for enhanced asset management.

Smart monitoring of asset firmware version

Learn how monitoring and automatic firmware detection by the Teleport ensures seamless connectivity and efficiency for your energy assets.

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