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Unlock the full potential of your assets

Make your energy assets controllable and flexible by connecting them seamlessly to the cloud.
The Teleport - Unlocking asset flexibility
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All asset owners and energy traders should benefit from flexibility

The Teleport is your gateway to unlock the value of your energy assets and increase profits – instantly.

Get full control over your assets

You or your energy trader take command of your energy assets, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.

Maximize your ROI

Say goodbye to negative pricing risks, leverage price volatility to boost your profits, and get the best of your production and consumption within contracted grid limits.

Comply with new legislations

Be future-ready by complying with the Real-Time Interface requirements, mandatory in 2024, and stay ahead of regulatory changes.


Unlock flexibility
in a fast, secure and compliant manner

Fast and scalable installation

Connects to any asset:
Extensive library with 200+ assets

Standardized control:
Streamlined with a single JSON REST API

System integration:
Connects effortlessly to your database, message broker or webhook.

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by design

ISO27001 certified

Outbound connections only. All communication is encrypted.

24/7 monitoring for constant vigilance

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Real-Time Interface compliant

First certified customer endpoint in the Netherlands

IEC-61850 protocol support

Developed in partnership with Enexis, Liander and Stedin

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Explore strategies to maximize value from flexibility

Man with shirt and helmet looking at solar panels

Solar (PV) Curtailment

Avoid the risk of negative electricity prices.
Use the Teleport to enable automatic curtailment of solar by your energy trader.

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Wind turbines

Wind Curtailment

Avoid the risk of negative electricity prices.
Use the Teleport to enable automatic curtailment of solar by your energy trader.

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Picture of batteries

Batteries (small scale)

Generate more revenue.
Use the Teleport to automatically (or manually) schedule charging and discharging and trade on balancing markets such as FCR.

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Picture of batteries (BESS)

Batteries (large scale)

More revenue & independence.
Use the Teleport to monitor and control your battery energy storage system (BESS) independently, as asset owner or as energy trader.

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Ventilation - demand side management illustration

Dynamic Load Management

Adjust dynamically self-consumption and production to reduce your energy costs.
Optimize asset use within grid limits, and trade on balancing markets.

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Man holding a tablet - EMS

EMS Enabler

You want to use an Energy Management System (EMS)?
The Teleport allows you to connect your assets to third-party EMS cloud softwares.

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Grid illustration - direct DSO control

Direct DSO Control

Comply with new regulations and obtain a grid connection faster.
With the Teleport, your DSO can control your assets in case of acute congestion.

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How to unlock the flexibility of my assets?

01. Fill in the Asset Onboarding Form

Contact us and share technical details about your asset(s).

02. Receive your Teleport(s)

Fully configured Teleport(s) sent within 24 hours.

03. Connect your asset(s)

Install the Teleport(s) with ease, aided by remote support during site acceptance tests.

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Let’s create more flexibility together


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