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Independent and secure large scale battery control

Monitor and control your battery energy storage system (BESS) independently with the Teleport, as an asset owner or as an energy trader.

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Why unlocking the flexibility of your battery?

Maximimed ROI

Increase your return on investment by swiftly detecting outages and streamlining error triage.

Enhanced independence

Enjoy increased autonomy with a layer between BESS and energy trader.

Accelerated time to market

Leverage our extensive BESS asset library and energy trader integration for faster market penetration.

Cybersecurity assurance

Comply with the increasing number of cybersecurity measures.

Meet the Teleport:
Your solution for BESS control and trader integration

The Teleport ensures full control and seamless integration with all balancing or market dispatch functionalities of your battery system.

Picture of the Teleport for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

The Teleport for BESS,
your solution for battery control

Key features:

Additional fallbacks:
Benefit from advanced scheduling methods to allow for fallback in case of loss of connectivity to trader systems.

Direct access to error codes:
Have all error codes read and forwarded.

Enjoy hassle-free integration with leading battery OEM brands already incorporated into the Teleport library, with new additions daily.

Hardware redundancy:
Experience uninterrupted operation with redundant hardware and remote fallback in the event of unexpected malfunctions.

Real-time data:
Receive 1-second measurement data into your own systems with flash messages.

Cybersecure by design:
Rest easy knowing your data is protected – ISO27001 certified, PKI encrypted data and communication, approved by Netbeheer Nederland.

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BESS 24/7 monitoring service: maximize uptime and ROI

We monitor the readout and control between trader and BESS actively 24/7. Active monitoring for:

  • Asset availability
  • Asset firmware updates
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Connectivity (incl. fallback)
  • Control commands integrity
  • Control loop monitoring
  • Data integrity (Error codes)
  • Data pipelines (API, Data forwarding)

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Our customers’ perspective

November 2023SemperPower activated Castor, the largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the Netherlands, with a capacity of 30.7 MW and 62.6 MWh energy throughput.

Behind the scenes, part of the backbone of Castor’s flexibility lies with the Teleport, with which SemperPower is now able to provide control and monitor the BESS, enabling optimized performance and reliability.

Picture of Dennis Schiricke - Co-Founder & CEO of SemperPower

Dennis Schiricke

Co-Founder & CEO of SemperPower

“SemperPower is very enthusiastic about Castor going live. It’s a major step for developing a cleaner energy system. Having Withthegrid as one of our partners on this was a win. Their Teleport solution and monitoring service allows us to offer reliable and secure control to our offtakers, and monitor our batteries safely and efficiently. They have been proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner throughout this journey.”

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