Withthegrid joins initiative to tackle grid congestion in Utrecht with mobile batteries

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Withthegrid joins initiative to tackle grid congestion in Utrecht with mobile batteries

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Published the 04th of July, 2024

Utrecht – July 4, 2024 – Withthegrid, in partnership with Skoon Energy and ACC, is proud to announce the launch of the “Grid-Based Deployment Mobile Battery Capacity” (“Netgebonden Inzet Mobiele Batterijcapaciteit” – NIMB) project.

This project aims to explore the potential of mobile batteries in mitigating grid congestion. Supported by a grant from the province of Utrecht, this initiative will be conducted over the next two years.

Grid congestion

The electricity grid in the Netherlands is currently overloaded due to the increasing generation of clean electricity. While this surge in clean energy is positive, the existing grid infrastructure cannot accommodate such an amount of electricity. Concurrently, the demand for electricity from both companies and households continues to grow. This causes a traffic jam on the electricity grid (grid congestion): the demand and supply of energy are simply too great for the capacity of the current electricity grid.

This congestion presents substantial issues. Because they cannot obtain a grid connection new housing developments face delays, businesses get stuck in their expansion plans, and schools aiming for sustainability must revert to diesel generators.

Mobile battery systems as a sustainable solution

Until the grid infrastructure can be expanded, deploying mobile battery systems can be a solution for grid operators like Stedin.

In the province of Utrecht, the problem of grid congestion is big and has a major impact on businesses in the region. To address this, the provincial board supports the NIMB initiative with a grant, aligning with its ambition to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. This support is crucial for ensuring the initiative is scalable and future-proof.

How it works

The NIMB project leverages existing mobile battery systems, typically rented out for events or construction projects as alternatives to diesel generators. During periods when these batteries are not in use, the collaboration between Withthegrid, Skoon and ACC ensures that these batteries are connected to the power grid. Once connected, more capacity is created on the grid, helping to solve the problem of grid congestion.

Key partners in NIMB

NIMB represents a unique collaboration among Withthegrid, Skoon, and ACC, each bringing complementary strengths to the table. Withthegrid provides real-time control of the mobile batteries through the Teleport Gateway. Skoon provides software tools to manage and lease clean energy systems and integrates the batteries into the power grid system. ACC is developing the trading algorithms and system needed to make battery capacity efficiently available to different markets.

Pilot programs and future prospects

Over the next two years, NIMB will launch several pilot programs to test and refine the deployment of mobile batteries. These pilots will demonstrate the scalability and effectiveness of the solution, paving the way for broader implementation in the province and potentially across the country.

Follow progress

Stay up to date on NIMB projects by following Skoon, Withthegrid and ACC’s social media channels.

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