Combating electricity grid congestion with mobile battery systems: a Collaboration between A Consultancy Company, Skoon and Withthegrid

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Combating electricity grid congestion with mobile battery systems

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By Anaïs Wampack
Published on: 21/03/2023

Utrecht, March 21, 2023 – Skoon, Withthegrid and A Consultancy Company announce their collaboration to deploy mobile battery systems to solve electricity grid congestion. This strategic partnership not only promises a swift transition to sustainable energy, but also aims to innovate in the clean energy sector.

The power of collaboration

At the heart of this collaboration is Skoon, a pioneering platform that offers mobile sustainable energy systems for rent and lease. Teaming up with Withthegrid, which facilitates seamless access and control of batteries, and A Consultancy Company, the brains behind trading algorithms for diverse energy markets, this union aims to optimize battery usage efficiently. Their collective goal? Easing grid congestion in a scalable, environmentally friendly way.

Mobile battery systems: empowering a greener tomorrow

Peter Paul van Voors, Skoon, rented mobile battery systems

Peter Paul van Voorst, the founder of Skoon, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating: “We are very happy with this collaboration. We can now use the mobile battery systems that are rented via our platform in a smarter way. This allows the owners of the batteries to generate even more turnover. We hope to contribute to the affordability of clean energy for everyone.”

Jana Endemann, A Consultancy Company

Jana Endemann, the founder of A Consultancy Company, elaborated on their role, saying, “Our advanced trading algorithms are crafted to optimize energy supply and demand in real-time. Collaborating with Skoon and Withthegrid allows us to apply these algorithms based on the available capacity of mobile battery systems, effectively combating grid congestion.”

Paul Mignot, Withthegrid, unlocked the flexibility of mobile battery systems

Finally, Paul Mignot, the co-founder of Withthegrid, shared his excitement, remarking, “It’s fantastic to see that our technology, the Withthegrid Teleport, can be used to harness the many different mobile batteries for the energy system. We look forward to connecting the batteries to Skoon’s platform in a robust and safe manner and working together towards a sustainable future.”

A vision unfolding: how it works

The innovative solution will be rolled out for battery systems in the province of Utrecht. Initially, these batteries will be utilized when they are idle and stationed at their locations. The surplus capacity of these mobile batteries will be strategically employed in passive imbalance markets, FCR, and GOPACS. In the subsequent phase, these batteries will be deployed at rental locations, such as construction sites, during non-operational hours, further optimizing their usage and impact.

Pioneering a sustainable energy ecosystem

This collaboration marks a significant stride towards achieving a fully sustainable energy system. The multitude of mobile batteries involved in this initiative will form the adaptable framework of the future electricity grid. With innovation and collaboration at its core, this partnership exemplifies the power of synergy in shaping a greener, more efficient energy landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey towards a cleaner, sustainable future.

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