Monitoring and optimising energy grids

Withthegrid supports energy grid operators by digitising their maintenance and optimisation processes. Through algorithms and machine learning techniques it can more accurately forecast demand and optimise production. This helps grid operators and producers save energy costs. The withthegrid remote monitoring devices also enable continuous monitoring of assets and helps reduce operational costs and extend asset lifetime.

Our clients

Our devices

We deliver devices containing sensors and controls that our customers in the utility sector attach to their assets. For example, we have tailored devices to:

  • detect leakages in water pipelines
  • monitor temperature in district heating pipelines
  • monitor cathodic protection (corrosion prevention) systems


Asset monitoring
Our range of sensors include:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Temperature
  • Location
  • Pressure
  • Leakage (resistance)
  • Orientation

Asset controlling
Our devices contain switches and/or can communicate with other control system through standard protocols e.g. Modbus (RS485)

Cloud communication

Our devices can communicate with our servers via 2G, 3G, CDMA, Lora or NB-IoT

Embedded software
Depending on the available sensors and controls, the device contains logic to alter measurement frequencies and control modes. The communication between device and platforms is fully encrypted and secured

5 years of guaranteed service in case of battery power with multiple measurements per day, 
continuous measurements and connectivity when connected to mains power supply

Our platform

Monitoring platform:
We provide a web-based platform that our clients can use to monitor their assets through our connected devices. Users can:

  • securely look up actual and historical performance of their assets,
  • set alarms to be informed of asset malfunction or expected malfunction
  • control assets, like putting them in maintenance mode or regulating them based on measurements
  • alter the settings of our devices, like measurement intervals
  • export data
  • generate KPI dashboards for a summary of asset performance

Our platform can integrate with existing services of our client, through OPC UA, Active Directory and other API’s

Optimisation platform:
We reduce energy production costs by more accurately predicting demand and then calculating how this demand can be met in the most efficient manner (dispatch model). Our optimisation engine enables:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Production optimisation
  • Buffer utilisation
  • Capacity improvement and network expansion

Our support

Our support helps adjusting your organizational processes to act on the insights and rules from our platform. Our team can assist you in:

  • mapping the existing operational processes and redesigning it by using the data from our solutions
  • analyzing what data, with what frequency, should be seen by who in the organization
  • calculating and monitoring the improvements in total cost of ownership through our solutions

How can we assist you?


Paul Mignot

Founder & CEO

How can we assist you?


Rob Everhardt

Founder & CTO

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