Empowering the grid through monitoring and flexibility solutions

Improve your asset management insights with the Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP) and unlock the flexibility of your assets with the Teleport Gateway.

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Our mission

To create technology that connects and empowers all energy industry stakeholders.

Energy users

Grid operators

Energy traders

Energy producers

Easy-to-use solutions for the energy industry


Meet the Teleport:
Your solution for unlocking asset flexibility

Connect your energy assets to the cloud and unlock their full potential in a fast, secure and compliant manner.

  • Increase your returns
  • Get more control
  • Comply with new regulations
  • Avoid cybersecurity risks

The Teleport
The Teleport,
your solution for asset control
Discover the Teleport  →

Meet the AMP:
The platform to monitor your critical infrastructure

Start collaborating on real-time analytics, reduce downtime and improve asset performance.

  • Extend asset lifetime
  • Improve outage detection
  • Lower operational costs
  • Increase workforce efficiency

The Asset Monitoring Platform
The Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP),
your solution for monitoring
Discover the Platform  →

Our clients’ perspective

Startups & large energy companies alike choose Withthegrid.

Picture of Dennis Schiricke

Dennis Schiricke

Co-Founder of SemperPower

“SemperPower is very enthusiastic about Castor [biggest battery in the Netherlands] going live. It’s a major step for developing a cleaner energy system. Having Withthegrid as one of our partners on this was a win. Their Teleport solution and monitoring service allows us to offer reliable and secure control to our offtakers, and monitor our batteries safely and efficiently. They have been proven to be a trustworthy and reliable partner throughout this journey.”

Jeffrey Bartels - Founder of Edmij

Jeffrey Bartels

Founder of Edmij

“Withthegrid helps us to control batteries, solar panels and wind turbines properly and safely. This way we can not only provide balancing services to TenneT and prevent congestion, but we can also let our customers benefit from price fluctuations on the EPEX and imbalance market. Withthegrid is a good partner. They have a lot of technical knowledge and we work well together. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration!”

André Dippell, director of om | nieuwe energie

André Dippell

Director of OM | Nieuwe Energie

“At OM | Nieuwe Energie, we offer cooperatives the opportunity to supply the sustainable energy they generate directly to customers. Withthegrid allows them to use smart technology quickly and easily. This increases the return on projects and allows more sustainable energy to be connected to the grid.”

Picture of Peter Paul van Voorst, CEO of Skoon

Peter Paul van Voorst

Founder of Skoon

“Mobile batteries are a unique opportunity to provide grid services during moments of downtime. Through the integration of the Teleport and the Skoon Suite, our platform empowers users to unlock new revenue streams while addressing grid congestion. With the collaborative efforts of the Withthegrid and Skoon teams, we are now able to support users and mobile battery providers in a quick and scalable manner.”

Group picture of the members of Withthegrid

Who are we?

Our journey began with hands-on involvement in the management and maintenance of energy infrastructure. Through this experience, we recognized the importance of improving grid efficiency and asset flexibility to achieve a more sustainable and widespread renewable energy system.

Since, we aim to create reliable and secure technology that empowers users to monitor and control their infrastructure or assets in real-time.

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