Monitor the Grid, Unlock Asset Flexibility

Get maximum insights and control with the Teleport gateway and Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP)

What we solve

Bring your assets to the cloud in a secure and reliable manner.

Obtain real-time visibility and control of different assets in a single application, with user friendly customisable dashboards.

Spot anomalies in asset operations, use alerts and notifications to help you prioritise.

Close the loop on asset performance management.

Easy to use solutions for the industry

The Withthegrid IoT connectivity environment is a fully fledged IoT device management suite. Connect any asset in any way. Or use the Withthegrid Teleport to speed up things even more.

Always have an overview of asset health and operational performance through dashboards and reports and maps.

Control your assets remotely and be able to schedule your maintenance activities in advance because of deeper asset performance insights.

With Withthegrid you achieve

  • Up to 10% longer asset lifetime
    Decrease your TCO and decrease your capital expenditures

  • Up to 90% more efficient workforce
    Be able to spend time only on the most important work

  • Up to 30% lower operational costs
    Reduce your downtime and repair costs

  • Faster outage detection
    Detect anomalies and follow-up with measures

  • New revenue streams
    Tap into new revenue streams

Don't just take our word for it

About us

It all started at the Intel Hackaton in 2017 when Paul, Rob, Steven and Jeroen won the first prize. Withthegrid was born to revolutionalise the energy industry with digital solutions.

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Monitor and control your assets 10x faster

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