Detect anomalies in your infrastructure

We provide an application to manage the condition of your assets. It analyzes time series data, detects anomalies and assigns them to your personnel.

You save valuable time, avoid unplanned maintenance, and increase the lifetime of your assets.

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Withthegrid combines and simplifies three essential asset monitoring elements

Monitor assets
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Detect anomalies
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Manage actions
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Added value

More efficient workforce
Be able to spend time only on the most important work

Lower operational costs
Reduce your downtime and repair costs

Faster outage detection
Detect anomalies and follow-up with measures

Longer asset lifetime
Decrease your TCO and decrease your capital expenditures

New revenue streams
Tap into new revenue streams

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Who is Withthegrid for?

Withthegrid is ideal for any organization that monitors assets. We provide support in the following industries:


Power quality, Smart meter, Fraud detection, Public lighting, Temperature, Humidity, Switchgear, Fault passage indicators, Relays, Open door

District heating

Flow, Temperature, Pressure / Vacuum, Leak detection, Smart meter, Legionella prevention, Cathodic protection


Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Leak detection, Smart meter, Methane, Cathodic protection


Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Leak detection, Smart meter, Water quality, Legionella prevention, Cathodic protection


Water level height, Manhole, Mobile sign status, Tracking, Unwanted infrastructure housing, Assembly line monitoring


Toilet usage, Dispenser usage, Temperature, Legionella prevention, Flood detection, Cold chain auditing, Indoor plants soil moisture, Elevator monitoring, Desk presence, Smoke alarm


Sign posts, Grass growth, Air quality

Integrates with multiple IoT connectivity,
providers and protocols



Setting up your asset monitoring takes minutes not weeks!

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