Withthegrid functionality update – Custom themes

Withthegrid functionality update – Custom themes

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We’re excited to share with you the new features we have added this month to the Withthegrid platform.

Custom themes

You can now create a custom theme for each monitoring and connectivity environment or select from a set of suggested themes. Read our docs to find out more about the individual settings.

Aggregation of analytics calculation

In analytics, it is now possible to apply aggregation (sum, mean, min, max) on calculation columns.

For developers: Allow device type event handler to create an issue

You can now directly generate an issue from the device type event handler withexec.openIssue(). Look at our documentation to find out more about this command. The following code snippet will create an issue in the event handler: exec.openIssue({title: ‘From event handler’, startAt: new Date(), level: 1, channelIndices: [], endAt: null, comment: ‘Oh noo…’}); The issue can only be created if a device is linked to a location. You can verify this by checking if the number of channels is not 0: args.channelLinks.length !== 0

You can also access the list of open issues in args.openIssues as shown in our documentation. The following code snippet will log the open issues of a device: exec.addLog(`Open issues: ${JSON.stringify(args.openIssues)}`);

Learn more about the Withthegrid platform

Do you prefer to learn from videos? We have extended our YouTube how-to video portfolio.

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