Water scarcity affects every continent. Minimizing losses in water infrastructure will reduce water stress globally

Key challenges

Extending asset lifetime

Steel water pipes depend on cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. Doing this correctly will greatly extend asset lifetime. Remote monitoring of the cathodic protection system allows for optimal protection and greatly delays costly reparations or replacements.

Managing the grid

Valves, pumps, cathodic protection, temperature and other metrics are crucial for a smooth running operation of water grids. Remote monitoring solutions in one application for data analysis and IoT sensor control is crucial. Integrate this system into any current GIS system and link to any asset registry system.

Getting the work done

With an increasing amount of work, and shortage of technical staff being able to carry out the work is a daily challenge. The challenge will become bigger the coming years.


Lower risk profile

Up to 30% lower operational costs (Opex)

Up to 10% longer asset lifetime (Capex)

Up to 90% more efficient workforce

Case studies

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