District heating

Over half of the world’s energy is used for heat. Efficient district heating plays a key role to enable renewable heat

Key challenges

Reducing heat losses

District heating grids have high heat losses. These need to be reduced so that costs can be reduced and a higher percentage of renewable heat reaches the end customer.

Managing the grid

Insight into the status of old grids provides crucial information for maintenance and replacement questions. New grids need to be kept in good condition. Early detection prevents deterioration of the grid.

Getting the work done

With an increasing amount of work, and a shortage of technical staff, being able to carry out the work is a daily challenge. The challenge will become bigger the coming years.


Lower risk profile

Up to 30% lower operational costs (Opex)

Up to 10% longer asset lifetime (Capex)

Up to 90% more efficient workforce

Case studies

See how we support leading district heating infrastructure owners and operators

Leak detection

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Insulation monitoring

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Cathodic protection

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Substation monitoring

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Pump monitoring

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Smart meter monitoring

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