Gas grids

Over half of the world’s energy is used for heat. Extending gas infrastructure lifetime for green hydrogen will enable decarbonization for industrial heat.

Key challenges

Future proof gas grid

Gas grids are approaching end of lifetime. However, cathodic protection can greatly extend the lifetime of the grid enabling use for hydrogen. Continuous monitoring of cathodic protection is crucial in preventing corrosion of steel pipes and preventing extremely expensive replacements

Managing the grid

Gas grids with cathodic protection monitoring are in need of periodic tests to ascertain the quality of cathodic protection. Remote commands via IoT sensors allows operation personnel to perform tests from a distance, saving lots of valuable time and providing more insight. Think of switching, DCVG, off potential, measure every second and changing the measurement interval.

Getting the work done

With an increasing amount of work, and a shortage of technical staff, being able to carry out the work is a daily challenge. The challenge will become bigger the coming years.


Lower risk profile

Up to 30% lower operational costs (Opex)

Up to 10% longer asset lifetime (Capex)

Up to 90% more efficient workforce

Case studies

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