Withthegrid case study: Cathodic protection Waterbedrijf Groningen

The mission of Withthegrid is to support owners and operators of critical infrastructure with digital asset monitoring tools. Recently, we have published a new Withthegrid case study related to our collaboration with Waterbedrijf Groningen on digitalizing cathodic protection.

Willem Kregel, Maintenance Engineer of Waterbedrijf Groningen best described our collaboration. “As maintenance engineer it is essential to have a thorough and current overview of asset’ status. The Withthegrid-software helps us to get these insights and at the same time allows us to work more closely with the cathodic protection experts and technicians.”

In fact, here is a a preview of the Withthegrid case study.

Challenge of Withthegrid:

Location of Cathodic protection waterbedrijf groningen

The challenge was to provide Waterbedrijf Groningen with a digital tool to always be informed of the status of their cathodic protection. The challenge was to have one overview that could be used by both Asset owners and the cathodic protection specialists. In this case study we explain more about cathodic protection.


The solutions we came up with are the following:

  1. Cloud application for cathodic protection, including geographical display, dashboards, analytics and integration with EAM and GIS-systems.
  2. Integrated manual measurements through the usage of tablets and mobile phones. Also suitable for monitoring with sensors.
  3. Automated runnings lists and alarms with discrepancies (overriding thresholds).


  1. Lower operational costs.
  2. Increased asset integrity.
  3. Easy to analyse and historical data and to observe trends faster in asset performance.
  4. Measurements are directly available for other systems, like work order planning or enterprise asset management systems.

About Waterbedrijf Groningen

Waterbedrijf Groningen was established in 1998 from the merger of both the water company of the city (GWG) and the province (WAPROG). Waterbedrijf Groningen has 5,115 km of water pipelines and 270.000 connection points. It delivers over 47 billion liters of drinking water. Waterbedrijf Groningen also provides industrial water for industry in the so called ‘Eemshaven,’. It also supplied heat through its subsidiary ‘Warmtestad.’

‘The Withthegrid-software helps digitalizing CP-processes and brings structure to the data.’

Marcel Juinen
Head Cathodic Protection

About Withthegrid

Since 2016, it is Withthegrid’s mission to support the energy transition with monitoring and anomaly detection solutions for infrastructure. In addition, Withthegrid provides a secure asset monitoring application to visualize data from IoT sensors for subsequent analysis and failure detection. Furthermore, Withthegrid digitalises asset management and maintenance work processes, recommending who should do what and by when. Also, by combining industry know-how and technology, Withthegrid is able
to deliver support and quick results to asset owners and their service