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Withthegrid participates in the REFORMERS project

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By Anaïs Wampack
Published on: 23/11/2023

In an exciting collaboration, Withthegrid is pleased to share its involvement in the Horizon Europe-funded REFORMERS project. This ambitious five-year initiative aims to reshape regional energy ecosystems across Europe, fostering Renewable Energy Valleys (REVs) to enhance energy security, promote sustainable practices, and align with the #REPowerEU objectives.

The REFORMERS Project Unveiled

On the 22nd and 23rd of November 2023, the REFORMERS project officially started its mission to develop Renewable Energy Valleys, with a primary focus on the Flagship Valley, near the city of Alkmaar. 

This Flagship Valley will act as a central hub for innovation in renewable energy, addressing multiple facets of the transition simultaneously, including:

  • Demonstrating renewable energy technologies,
  • Efficient management of renewable energy carriers,
  • Replacing fossil fuel usages,
  • Monitoring and controlling energy flows,
  • Incorporating financial, legal, and social aspects.

The Flagship Valley will serve as a blueprint for six other satellite valleys across Europe, facilitating the replication of successful strategies.

Project partners:

AIT, Sustainable Heiloo, CERTH, CIRCE, KONIN-MIASTO, DDS, EUREC, NAPE, RISE, TNO, Deep Blue, Municipality of Andorra (S), TU Delft, Municipality of Kozani (GR), Municipality of Murau (O), Alliander, Municipality of Alkmaar, HVC, Hynoca Alkmaar, InVesta, Sustenso Boekelermeer, Repowered, Withthegrid, NXT MOBILITY, STOFF2, EMPA, VU Brussels (Project Coordinator) and New Energy Coalition (Flagship Valley Coordinator).

The project is receiving funding from the European research and innovation program Horizon Europe under Grant Agreement number 101136211.

→  For more information, check out the REFORMERS’ Linkedin page

Withthegrid’s Contribution to REFORMERS

As part of the REFORMERS project, Withthegrid will bring its expertise in asset control and flexibility to the table. Our contribution involves deploying the Teleport, a technology designed to unlock the monitoring and control potential of various assets, within the Flagship Valley.

Specifically, the Teleport will serve as an interface for the 50 largest controllable assets in the project, and will be strategically installed in the 20 largest generators and other uncontrollable assets, showcasing its adaptability across diverse energy assets.

The Teleport will also empower REPOWERED to collect production and flex data from all assets, optimizing their control based on real-time conditions, including intraday variations, congestion, and market imbalances.

Towards a Sustainable Energy Future

As the REFORMERS project gains momentum, Withthegrid is eager to contribute to the realization of Renewable Energy Valleys. The Teleport solution will be a significant step towards achieving local control under various circumstances.

With a commitment to collaboration and shared goals, Withthegrid looks forward to navigating the developments within the REFORMERS project. We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this collective effort and remain dedicated to lending our expertise to the project.

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