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Customer case: ATEPS battery deployment on TenneT FCR market

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Picture of the author: Paul Mignot

By Paul Mignot
Published on: 21/02/2023

In a significant stride toward a sustainable energy future, Balance Service Provider (BSP) Edmij has partnered with Withthegrid to use the Teleport for ATEPS batteries on the Frequency Containment Reserve market (FCR market). This collaboration not only empowers Edmij to provide crucial balancing services to TenneT, but also plays a pivotal role in preventing grid congestion. It’s a win-win situation benefiting all parties involved.

Harnessing battery control with the Teleport

With the implementation of the Teleport, Edmij gains a reliable and secure mechanism to control their ATEPS batteries effectively. The Teleport establishes a seamless connection with the batteries using Modbus TCP via Ethernet. This approach ensures the direct control of the FCR module within the ATEPS batteries.

Jeffrey Batels van EDMIJ
Jeffrey Bartels
Founder of Edmij

Jeffrey Bartels, the founder of Edmij, shared his enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“Withthegrid helps us to control batteries, solar panels and wind turbines properly and safely. This way we can not only provide balancing services to TenneT and prevent congestion, but we can also let our customers benefit from price fluctuations on the EPEX and imbalance market.

In addition, customers demand operational reliability and TenneT places high demands on flexibility. It’s therefore important that the value chain is as short as possible and that our partners are reliable. 

Withthegrid is a good partner. They have a lot of technical knowledge and we work well together. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration!”

About Edmij

Edmij stands as a comprehensive energy supplier, offering holistic solutions for sustainable power producers and intelligent power consumers. Their unique approach involves charging electricity at EPEX hourly prices and imbalance prices, coupled with controlling customer installations wherever feasible. This multifaceted strategy not only generates revenue for Edmij but also actively contributes to driving the momentum of the ongoing sustainable energy transition.

Also want to control batteries on the TenneT FCR market?

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Together we can make the energy supply more sustainable and efficient!

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