Withthegrid launches a new website

Withthegrid launches a new website

new website

Withthegrid has launched a new website. For more information of all our services, take a look at what we offer on out website.

Infrastructure assets are at the heart of Withthegrid. In order to achieve a fully sustainable and efficient system, infrastructure operators must keep costs low and provide added value to all end users.

Undoubtedly, transitioning to a fully sustainable system at the lowest costs to society is only possible with a fully integrated, intelligent grid. That’s why we’re called Withthegrid.

Who is Withthegrid for?

Withthegrid is ideal for any organization that monitors assets. We provide support in the following industries:

  • Electricity
  • District heating
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Industry
  • Buildings
  • Roads

We provide an online application to manage the condition of your assets. It analyzes time series data, detects anomalies, and assigns them to your personnel.

You save valuable time, avoid unplanned maintenance, and increase the lifetime of your assets.

For more information on services we offer, please visit our new website.

About our values

Our primary driver is based on astonishment. In fact, the astonishment of the things we see around us and the possibilities to improve them. By questioning what we observe we are able to understand the real underlying challenges.

Indeed, it goes without saying that we strive for excellence. In this process, we know that there is no end goal – just the continuous improvement of our work and processes.

Withthegrid is built upon the belief that infrastructure operators form an essential part of a future sustainable system. Moreover, the mission of Withthegrid is to help them realize this to their fullest potential

We believe that we can do something and that if we can’t we will always try. Furthermore, it provides us with opportunities to learn, challenge our thinking and our beliefs. It makes us persistent, work harder in the face of difficulties, and see all our work as challenges which can be overcome

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