Withthegrid case study: District Heating Company Rotterdam

Withthegrid case study: District Heating Company Rotterdam

Withthegrid case study

The mission of Withthegrid is to help digitalize infrastructure by providing the best possible solutions on the market. Recently, we have published a new Withthegrid case study related to our collaboration with District Heating Company Rotterdam.

Andrew Mol, Operations manager of District Heating Company Rotterdam best described our collaboration. “District heating infrastructure is the most valuable physical asset of our company. Supported by several IoT sensor solutions and analytical software from Withthegrid we stay on top of infrastructure condition and immediately know when something is wrong”.

In fact, here is a a preview of the Withthegrid’s latest case study.

Challenge of Withthegrid:

Withthegrid case study

The challenge was to provide the District Heating Company Rotterdam with real-time monitoring of their distribution grid in order to make maintenance processes more efficient and to get immediate failure notification when something is wrong.


The solutions we came up with are the following:

  • Asset monitoring application for district heating, including geographical representation and real-time notification messages for measurement values exceeding predefined thresholds.
  • Remote IoT sensors for monitoring cathodic protection, leak detection, and vacuum monitoring.
  • Automated connection between the new asset monitoring application and other asset management systems in use.


  • Lower operational costs.
  • Reduction of asset risks and lifetime extension because failures are noted quickly and can be solved before harm is done to the infrastructure itself, to its customers, or to the city at large.
  • Easy to analyse historical data and to observe trends in asset performance.
  • Measurements are directly available for other systems, like work order planning or enterprise asset management systems.

“Withthegrid’s solutions give us a real-time overview of our grid condition and help us make our organization more efficient”, said Andrew Mol.

About District Heating Rotterdam

District Heating Rotterdam was established in 2006 by the City of Rotterdam. It utilizes residual heat from the Rotterdam harbor area to provide heating to housing projects and businesses.

About Withthegrid

Since 2016, it is Withthegrid’s mission to support the energy transition with monitoring and anomaly detection solutions for infrastructure. In addition, Withthegrid provides a secure asset monitoring application to visualize data from IoT sensors for subsequent analysis and failure detection.

Furthermore, Withthegrid digitalises asset management and maintenance work processes, recommending who should do what and by when.

Also, by combining industry know-how and technology, Withthegrid is able
to deliver support and quick results to asset owners and their service

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