Withthegrid asset monitoring platform – Q2 feature update

Withthegrid asset monitoring platform – Q2 feature update

Product Update Q2 2021

With Q3 setting off, it is time to reflect on the progress of last quarter.  We released a brand new set of features for the Withthegrid asset monitoring platform. To enlighten you with both the features and it’s operational purpose we here will quickly guide you through them:

  1. Custom external map layers
  2. Multi-language asset condition reports
  3. If this then that asset condition reports

These brand new features add to our mission of providing the best insights into the performance and condition of assets. These features eventually add to the proposition of having quality insights or being alerted to asset malfunction/required maintenance.

Custom external map layers

Satellite view

The directly visible feature improvement of the Withthegrid application is the new addition of custom external map layers. From now on, end users are empowered to use satellite view and pre-configured map layers. The satellite view (as shown above) allows for a more detailed insight in the asset’ environment. This functionality could for instance improve the process of rightfully appointing exact locations. Currently there is a dropdown of multiple predefined map layers but more will be added in the future. 

You are able to configure manual external map sources yourself. We use the Mapbox style annotation so please check the Mapbox specifications.

Multi-language asset condition reports

The Withthegrid application now supports condition reports in multiple languages. This allows users to differentiate their reports into separate languages. Right now the platform supports English and Dutch. 

If this then that asset condition reports

What if asset condition reports could automatically compute the right follow up instructions and in that matter efficiently instructed  your personnel? New within the Withthegrid application is the if this then that’ asset condition report. For example: If you determine that the condition is “Bad” then the followup question “Repair action” is automatically displayed. You can configure this logic in the report configurator. 

If this then that asset condition report

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