Withthegrid and Tibo Energy join forces in tackling grid congestion

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Picture of Paul Mignot (CEO of Withthegrid) and Remco Eikhout (CEO of Tibo Energy) shaking hands at the Solar Solutions fair after signing their partnership agreement
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Withthegrid and Tibo Energy join forces in tackling grid congestion

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By Anaïs Wampack
Published on: 21/03/2024

March 19, 2024 – Withthegrid and Tibo Energy have entered into a partnership at Solar Solutions in Amsterdam to enhance Energy Management Systems (EMS). Together, they offer entrepreneurs who encounter grid congestion or want to become more sustainable an integrated, end-to-end solution.

The partnership

The collaboration between Tibo Energy and Withthegrid focuses on merging two specialist areas into one powerful solution.

Tibo Energy delivers an advanced cloud-based Energy Management System (EMS), designed to efficiently manage energy production, consumption and storage. Withthegrid adds to this the Teleport Gateway, a physical on-site EMS solution to unlock the flexibility of assets and ensure all electricity flows remain within the network connection limit.

Together, Withthegrid and Tibo Energy provide a complete EMS solution that seamlessly integrates on-site control with cloud-based optimization, thus delivering strong performance and reliability. In this way, they offer companies facing congestion issues or with sustainability plans a solution in the most cost-effective manner.

Benefits for entrepreneurs facing congestion issues

This partnership brings a series of benefits for businesses across Europe facing grid congestion issues. Combining Withthegrid’s Teleport with Tibo’s cloud-based EMS offers several advantages:

  • Top-class technology: Withthegrid’s Teleport provides robust on-site control, while Tibo’s advanced software ensures smooth integration and optimization of energy flows.

  • Seamless integration: The partnership ensures all aspects of the EMS solution work seamlessly together, providing a unified and efficient platform for energy management.

  • Specialized focus: The combined expertise of Withthegrid and Tibo Energy results in a comprehensive and specialized approach to energy management, meeting the unique needs of businesses aiming to become sustainable.

The vision

Paul Mignot (CEO of Wioththegrid), profile picture

Paul Mignot, CEO of Withthegrid, expresses his enthusiasm for the collaboration. “The proof of the pudding is in the eating. During the initial pilot projects with Tibo, we experienced their level of professionalism and ambition. We are super proud to be their partner in rolling out their EMS solution on a European scale.”

Picture of Remo Eikhout, CEO of Tibo Energy

Remco Eikhout, CEO of Tibo Energy, echoes this sentiment and highlights Withthegrid’s expertise in on-site EMS solutions: “We were looking for a party that could provide the best on-site EMS for us. The end result was the Withthegrid Teleport. Their focused effort to keep all electrical flows behind the meter within the network limits and to make all assets controllable was decisive for our decision.”


By combining expertise and resources, Withthegrid and Tibo Energy are ready to provide an end-to-end EMS solution to businesses aiming to become sustainable across Europe. With top-class technology, seamless integration, and a specialized focus on optimization, both companies contribute to a more efficient and sustainable energy future.

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