Water flow meter for legionella monitoring

Water flow meter for legionella monitoring

Last month we went to pick up a package from our friend Inou at Teneo IoT. They have developed a LoRa-based remote monitoring device for detection of water flow and temperature. That’s good news, because it allows us to monitor pipelines for the risk of Legionella infection. Due to its patented design with multiple temperature sensors, the device is able to accurately monitor whether water was flowing through the pipe, or not.

In this blogpost you will learn about some of the most important specifics of the water flow meter for Legionella monitoring.

Water flow meter

Why is a water flow sensor important?

In places like buildings or (sub)stations, monitoring water flow can help with the following:

  • Risk of Legionella monitoring: This device monitors water flow and water temperature, which allows you to accurately predict the risk of Legionella.
  • Monitoring of water use and leaks: You can monitor water use and a sudden large change in water use can create an alarm.
  • Monitoring of daily living activities: When it comes to daily activities, the regular use of water indicates that somebody is present.

How do you install the device?

The device is based on LoRa and therefore very easy to install through your LoRa provider. Set up is easy, using tie-wraps to strap it to the pipe you want to monitor. Once it has been set up you can quickly connect it to the Withthegrid application and get going with your monitoring. In the online application you can set issue triggers for the water flow meter.

What are the device specifications?

Dimensions:55 x 82 x 32 mm (enclosure)
Temperature range:– 20 ⁰C to 60 ⁰C
Diameter pipes:16-32 mm
Material type pipes:Copper, steel, alupex, tyleen, PCV
Device positioning:Horizontal and vertical
Power:5V Usb
Temperature accuracy:+/-0,5⁰C
Water flow meter device specifications

Want to get started?

You can sign up for free and connect your devices here. Or, if you would like more info on the above solution, feel free to contact us or visit our product page.

About device partner: Teneo IoT

Teneo IoT, a company for all LoRa and IoT solutions was established in 2016. They focused on building a quality product, for instance by developing in-house hardware and firmware with the primary goal of making companies smarter with the Internet of Things. All Teneo customers achieve quality process optimization, customer satisfaction as well as new revenue models.

About Withthegrid

Withthegrid provides an IoT asset monitoring application for infrastructure. You can connect all your IoT devices to analyze time-series data, detect anomalies, and track issues assigned to your personnel.

Large asset owners such as Eneco, Stedin, Westland Infra use the solution to monitor their assets. For example, for cathodic protection, leak detection, and vacuum monitoring.

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