Introducing Teleport Integrations: a new era of asset monitoring

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Introducing Teleport Integrations: a new era of asset monitoring

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By Paul Mignot
Published on: 16/02/2024

We are excited to announce a significant addition to our services at Withthegrid: the launch of Teleport Integrations. This feature is set to help asset owners to leverage used and monitored asset data.

What are Teleport Integrations?

The Teleport Integrations are a solution designed to boost asset monitoring capabilities: it allows asset owners to integrate the data generated by the Teleport to their preferred monitoring tool, ensuring a cohesive and powerful asset management experience.

Diagram showing Teleport Integrations (forwarding data to monitoring tools)

Why launching Teleport Integrations?

Our decision to introduce Teleport Integrations stems from the needs of the asset management industry:

  • The importance of real-time data: We understand that real-time data is crucial for optimizing asset performance and operational efficiency. 
  • Compatibility with existing ecosystems: We recognize that many asset owners already have established O&M contracts and monitoring solutions in place. Teleport Integrations ensure that their existing frameworks can incorporate Teleport’s data effortlessly, maximizing the value and insights they gain. 
  • Leveraging the Teleport data: The data provided by Teleport holds potential for improving monitoring processes. By integrating Teleport data with their preferred tools, asset owners gain access to advanced analytics and insights that drive strategic asset management decisions.

A win-win for asset owners, monitoring solution providers, and Withthegrid

The development of Teleport Integrations was a strategic decision aimed at enhancing the core functionalities of Withthegrid:

  • Focusing on core strengths: By unlocking asset flexibility and monitoring data pipeline, we ensure that Withthegrid remains at the forefront of innovation, offering the best service possible to our customers.

  • Strengthening the Teleport ecosystem: The introduction of Teleport Integrations strengthened the Teleport by integrating it with best-in-class monitoring solutions, enhancing the overall Teleport ecosystem and putting asset owners in control.

Our first integration partners

We’re proud to partner with industry leaders for the launch of Teleport Integrations. Here’s a glimpse of our initial integration partners and how they can benefit asset owners:

  • E-solys: Remote monitoring solutions for a wide range of energy assets.

  • Meterinsight: Detailed analytics for utility meter data, helping you monitor and manage energy consumption effectively. in precise monitoring and management of energy consumption.

  • QOS: Quality-of-service monitoring solutions tailored for the PV industry.

  • Sundata: Specialized in solar energy data analysis, providing insights for optimizing solar asset performance.

  • Synaptiq: Leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize and automate energy systems monitoring, primarily PV.

These partnerships mark just the beginning of our journey to provide asset owners with a more integrated, efficient, and powerful asset monitoring solution. 

If you’re a monitoring solution provider interested in integration, take a look at our technical documentation or reach out to us.


By bridging the gap between data generation and monitoring solutions, we’re not only enhancing asset performance, but also empowering asset owners to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our integration capabilities and partnerships to serve you better.

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