NB-IoT node

NB-IoT node

This multi-purpose NB-IoT node can be used for monitoring temperature, relative humidity, light, infrared light, magnetic detection, acceleration and has inputs for additional sensors of choice. This solution is ideal in substations, buildings and factories for detecting activity and atmospheric factors.

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  • Alflex multi-purpose NB-IoT node for substation monitoring connected to the withthegrid platform

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Product description

The Alflex DA1903B universal NB-IoT node has multiple sensor options such as temperature, relative humidity, light and infrared light intensity, a magnetic sensor for detecting door or window opening and closing, an accelerometer and digital inputs. The transparent lid allows for light detection (can also be delivered with non-transparent lid upon request). It is ideal for monitoring diverse environments such as substations, plants and buildings where multiple factors can influence process performance. 


  • Easy to install – plug and play
  • NB-IoT communication
  • Excellent range in cellars and underground
  • External antenna
  • Analog input 0-12V or 0-20mA (screw terminals): resolution 12 bits
  • Custom sensors on request
  • Powered by 2x Lithium battery type DA18LIAA (up to 10 year depending on interval)

“Withthegrid really helped us digitize our operational processes. We are now even more in control and can see the status of our assets in real-time.”

Menno van Os, Team Lead Pipelines NAM – Shell

Software functionality

This device is integrated with the Withthegrid asset monitoring platform. As a result, alerts can be set for each deviation which will be delivered to the user via email as well as visualized in the platform dashboard. The dashboard features time series data, geographic visualization, asset condition overviews and data exports. In short, you will be in total control of your assets.

Device specifications







Digital inputs / outputs

1 x DI

Analog inputs / outputs

1 x AI (0 – 12V)


2 x 3.6 V AA Lithium

IP Rating



Gore-vent, Magnet, Swivel M8X1


660mm x 95mm x 35mm

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