Leak detection for district heating

Leak detection for district heating is an important element to maintain pipelines as they are prone to leakages and digging damages. Without continuous remote monitoring these faults are not detected in time. With this remote monitoring solution asset owners can monitor their pipelines in real-time.

Why leak detection devices?

-Direct detection of excavation damage

-Continuous monitoring of pipes during warranty period (and beyond)

-Savings of operational man-hours

-Reduced administrative burden (direct and automatic historical measurement reports incl. audit trail)

-Extended lifetime of pipes

-Less serious damages and lower damage costs


The leak detection remote monitoring devices come in two different versions. One is mains powered and can be installed in substations or anywhere where there is 230V. The advantage being that the measurement frequency can be much higher. There is also a battery powered version which can be installed in substations where there is no mains power or in test posts.


  • Insulation resistance (Range: 5k Ohm – 1G Ohm, Accuracy: ± 10% + 0.1% of range)
  • Loop resistance (Range: 0-500 Ohm, Accuracy: ± 2% + 0.1% of range)
  • Voltage: 10V (Imax 10mA) – 250V DC (Imax 4mA)
  • IP-rating: 65
  • Communication protocol: GPRS or LTE-M
  • Remote adjustment of measurement frequency (1X/5 minutes to 1X/week)
  • Remote pausing of measurements during works
  • Does not need to be physically decoupled during welding

Number of measurement loops:

  • 4 (for 1- or 2-wire measurement systems)
  • 8 (for 4-wire measurement systems)


  • Mains power (230V)
  • Battery (without replacement 6 years with 4X/day measurement)

According to the norms:

  • CE
  • EN 14419
  • EN 55011
  • EN 61000-6

Installation process:

  • Less than 15 minutes installation time per device
  • Can be installed by field mechanic (no extra certifications required)
  • Automatically coupled to asset and GIS-systems via online application


  • Complete end-to-end data encryption (CoAP over DTLS)
  • Data processing and storage in line with ISO 27018 and GDPR legislation

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