Leak detection for district heating

Withthegrid’ leak detection for district heating. Detect pipe degradation and leaks in district heating pipelines in real time by monitoring loop and insulation resistance.


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Product description

Leak detection for district heating is an important element to maintain pipelines as they are prone to leakages and digging damages. Without continuous remote monitoring these faults are not detected in time. There are multiple benefits of real-time monitoring: 

  1. Direct detection of digging damage and other damage
  2. Preventing deterioration by restoring damage fast
  3. Being able to recover damages during warranty period
  4. Saving of operational man-hours
  5. Reduced administrative burden (direct and automatic historical measurement reports incl. audit trail)
  6. Extended lifetime of pipes

Customer use case   

Eneco maintains and operates the largest district heating grid in the Netherlands. It provides heat to around 125.000 households. It has the ambition to expand its grid and connect with more households. To manage their grid performance they use the Withthegrid asset monitoring software. One of the connected solutions is leak detection to detect leaks and digging damages.


“The Withthegrid solution helps us save manhours and get data more frequently. The biggest benefit however is the ability to detect digging activities and reclaim damages.”

Loek Hagenstein Operational Assetmanager Eneco

Software functionality

The online Withthegrid application is designed to give the user a complete overview of asset performance. You can view historic performance, set thresholds and alarms and enrich the overview with manual measurements from the field. 


Deep integration with leak detection for district heating allows for: 

  • Remote calibration
  • Adjusting measurement interval 
  • Identification of capacitive measurement wires 
  • Over the air firmware updates

Device specification

Description Remote monitoring for leak detection in  (district heating) insulated pipelines 
Product code Model DH.C8.Batt 

Model DH.C8.230V

Channels 8 channels 
Range and accuracy  Insulation resistance (Range: 5k Ohm – 1G Ohm, Accuracy: ± 10% + 0.1% of range)

Loop resistance (Range: 0-500 Ohm, Accuracy: ± 2% + 0.1% of range)

Voltage 10V (Imax 10mA) – 250V DC (Imax 4mA)
Time synchronisation NTP 
Measurement frequency (adjustable)  1X / 5 minutes to 1X / week
Norms Conform the EN-norms EN 14419, EN 55011, EN 61000-6
Battery life 38Ah, 6 years with 1X / day measurement 
Power supply Battery or 230V
Communication protocol LTE-M
Encryption End-to-end DTLS encryption 
Firmware over the air update Yes
IP-rating 67 
Dimensions 250*80*70mm

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