Withthegrid CEO Paul Mignot Discusses Real-time Interface and Grid Optimization in Solar Magazine Interview

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Withthegrid CEO Paul Mignot Discusses Real-time Interface & Grid Optimization in Solar Magazine Interview

Solar Magazine headline: image of the Teleport with the caption "Van start-up naar scale-up"

In a recent interview with Solar Magazine, the company’s CEO, Paul Mignot, discussed the critical role Withthegrid plays in managing the complexities of the modern energy grid. Let’s delve into the conversation and explore how Withthegrid’s innovations are shaping the future of the energy industry.

The Energy Transition and Withthegrid’s Inception

Paul Mignot, drawing from his experience as an asset manager at Stedin, founded Withthegrid five years ago with a clear vision. He saw the energy networks as the epicenter of the energy transition and recognized the need for more efficient grid management processes. The company began by developing software that streamlined grid maintenance, enabling faster and more future-proof operations.

Addressing Current Grid Challenges

The Netherlands is experiencing a growing need for smarter maintenance processes. With the rise of renewable energy sources, the power grid faces increased strain. When there’s an excess of green energy production, local tensions can escalate. Withthegrid addresses this challenge by developing the Teleport Gateway, a solution that aligns with the upcoming 2023 mandate for new solar and wind systems of 1 MW or more.

Navigating Complexity with Cybersecurity in Focus

Developing the Teleport Gateway was no small feat. Mignot acknowledges in the interview the complexity of working with diverse protocols used by solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, charging stations, batteries, and industrial equipment. With over 200 protocols in their library, Withthegrid navigated issues like a lack of documentation, poor documentation, deviations by manufacturers, and reluctance to share data. Mignot also emphasizes that safeguarding against data breaches and cyberattacks is vital, given the interconnected nature of energy systems. Withthegrid invests heavily in ISO certification and adheres to the European Network for Cyber Security requirements to fortify their solutions.

Scaling Up for the Future

With the mandatory adoption of the real-time interface on the horizon, Withthegrid is prepared to scale up its operations. The Teleport serves as an essential extension of their monitoring and efficient network services. The company secured 1 million euros in growth capital in the previous year to support their expansion. The Teleport Gateway is designed to be plug-and-play without vendor lock-in, making it an attractive choice for solar and wind installation owners and energy trade participants.

Market Acceptance and European Regulations

While granting network operators access to installations may pose challenges, it is a necessity to prevent grid overloads. Mignot points out that European regulations, along with proactive steps taken by countries like Germany, underscore the importance of the real-time interface. Cooperation between asset owners and grid operators, as well as the elimination of conflicting incentives, are vital for successful implementation.


At Withthegrid, we embrace our commitment to innovation. Our Teleport Gateway, designed to align seamlessly with forthcoming regulations, exemplifies our dedication to enhancing grid operations and speeding up the energy transition. As the energy sector continues its evolution, we remain steadfast in delivering expertise and solutions that actively contribute to the efficiency and sustainability of energy networks, benefiting all stakeholders.

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