Water flow meter for legionella monitoring

Monitor water flow with a LoRa IoT sensor directly connected to the Withthegrid asset monitoring application


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Device partner

Product description

This flow sensor by Teneo is a Lora based remote monitoring device to monitor pipelines for the risk of legionella infection. This device monitors water flow and water temperature. Due to its patented design with multiple temperature sensors it is able to accurately monitor whether flow was present or not.


Manage multiple risks with one device: 

  • Risk monitoring of legionella
  • Monitoring of water use and leaks 
  • Monitoring of daily living activities 

Easy to install

  • Easily connect the device through your LoRa one provider 

Direct notifications

  • Receive alarms in case of water leaks

Software functionality

The online Withthegrid application is designed to give the user a complete overview of asset performance. You can view historic performance, set thresholds and alarms and enrich the overview with manual measurements from the field. 


Deep integration with this water flow meter allows you to: 

  • Automatically detect anomalies 
  • Have a real-time status of your water flow 
  • Monitor follow-up actions for your personnel 
  • Change device settings such as flow trigger, heater temperature and measurement frequency
  • Configure the device based on pipe material and diameter

Device specification

Dimensions 55 x 82 x 32 mm (enclosure)
Material  ABS
Temperature range  – 20 ⁰C to 60 ⁰C
Diameter pipes  16-32mm
Material type pipes Copper, steel, alupex, tyleen, PCV
Device positioning Horizontal and vertical 
Power 5V USB
Temperature accuracy ±0.5⁰C