Legionella monitoring


A Lora based remote monitoring device to monitor pipelines for the risk of legionella infection. This device monitors water flow and water temperature. Due to its patented design with multiple temperature sensors it is able to accurately monitor whether flow was present or not. The device can be used for the following:

-Risk monitoring of legionella

-Monitoring of water use

-Alarms in case of water leaks

-Monitoring of daily living activities


Dimensions: 55 x 82 x 32 mm (enclosure)
Material: ABS
Weight: +/-130 gramms
Temperature range: – 20 ⁰C to 60 ⁰C
Diameter pipes: 16-32 mm
Materialtype pipes: Copper, steel, alupex, tyleen, PCV
Placing: Horizontal and vertical
Power: 5V USB
Temperature accuracy: +/-0,5⁰C

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