For IoT developers

Speed up your IoT rollout and implementation by integrating with Withthegrid – IoT developers

IoT connectivity

Your device connected

Quickly connect your IoT devices to Withthegrid in the way you want.

Protocols & Connectivity

Connect through many different protocols and connectivity options


Two-way communication

Define communication with your devices in any way you like


Withthegrid two-way communication

Secure access

Connect devices through HTTPS webhooks or with client certificates

Device configuration

Customizable functionality

Be able to design and manage the complete end user functionality of your devices

Device management

Be able to monitor the activity of all your devices

Custom event handlers 

Define event handlers in TypeScript that parse incoming payloads into measurement reports, return instructions to devices (including FOTA) and monitor device health.

Withthegrid IoT connectivity - Claim tokens

Easy handover  

Generate device tokens to share with the end customer so they can securely claim the devices in their end-user environment

Embedded SDK

Speed up development

This SDK is available to all and helps speed up development time. With only 10 lines of C++ code everything is up and running. It integrates seamlessly with the Withthegrid anomaly detection applications


10 lines of code

Only application specific logic to perform measurements and respond to application specific commands is required. Apart from 10 lines of code the rest is handled by Withthegrids embedded SDK (based on Arm© Mbed™ OS)


Integrated functionalities

Out of the box support for wireless communication using GPRS or LTE Cat M1. Support for other protocols can be discussed.

Easy hardware specs

Out of the box support for STM32F2 and STM32F4 families from STMicroelectronics. Also, support for other MCU’s can be discussed as long as they fulfill the following requirements:


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