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Maximize your earnings with curtailment solutions

Calculate how much you can earn by having your solar panels automatically switch off (curtailed) when the prices on the EPEX day-ahead market are negative.

Please note: Day-ahead prices are difference from imbalance prices. You want to know how much you can earn from curtailment based on imbalance prices?   →  Click here

Wind turbine farm against distant mountains (3d graphic)

Negative electricity price: Why?

In the Netherlands, more and more energy is being generated from sustainable sources such as wind and sun. This is a positive development. But sometimes, the amount of sustainable energy forecasted is so high compared to the demand that the prices turn negative. This means that you have to pay in order to produce.

negatieve stroomprijs europa

→ If you do not turn off your solar installation at negative hourly prices, you will pay for the electricity you produce.

Benefits of automatic curtailment

By automatically turning off your solar panels, the efficiency of your installation increases. You no longer supply electricity when prices are negative.

By curtailing when needed, you contribute to keeping the grid in balance.

Your asset can respond to control signals. This is not only interesting for negative day-ahead prices, but also for other services.

The energy system of the future will require much more control of all installations. The grid operator will soon also want to intervene immediately in the event of acute congestion. This is called the Real-time interface legislation. With the Teleport solution, you are already prepared for this.

Curtailment zonnepark

Check how much you can save with curtailment

Please note: Hourly prices are different from negative imbalance prices. Imbalance prices take place on the day itself. Want to check how much you can earn by curtailing in case of negative imbalance prices? Click here: Curtailment - Negative imbalance prices

Negative electricity price, paying to produce electricity

On the right side, you can see an example of negative EPEX day-ahead price. As the owner of a solar installation, you would have wanted to turn your installation off automatically for almost the entire day.

→ An average solar park loses EUR 10k annually because it does not automatically switch off at negative EPEX day-ahead prices

negatieve stroomprijs nederland
The hourly prices of a 
dynamic energy contract based on the EPEX day-ahead prices

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