Cathodic protection monitoring for pipelines

Digitalize cathodic protection with IoT sensors and the Withthegrid asset monitoring application


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Product description

Steel pipelines are protected against corrosion through cathodic protection. For optimal protection, cathodic protection needs to be maintained. This means that the voltage and current need to be within the defined boundary. With this remote monitoring device, the voltage and current can be measured on a continuous basis. As a result, damage and degradation are detected earlier, operational costs are reduced, and the asset lifetime is increased.

Software functionality

The online Withthegrid application is designed to give the user a complete overview of asset performance. For example, you can view historic performance, set thresholds and alarms, and enrich the overview with manual measurements from the field. 


Deep integration with leak detection devices allows for: 

  • Adjusting measurement frequency 
  • Measure the open circuit potential or off-potential 
  • Turning off cathodic protection (e.g. for works) 
  • Switch the rectifier (e.g. for DCVG inspection) 
  • Configure the rectifier (works with Amstel rectifiers)
  • Measure once every second for 5 minutes up to 24 hours

Device specification

  • Easy installation by smartphone or tablet with direct connectivity to device 

-Modern LTE-M mobile communication allows for communication with device even during setup. 

  • 8 channel measurement 

-3 channel AC+DC and additional current AC+DC measurement for a coupon 

  • On/off measurements and data logging combined

-Define your own desired measurement frequency (1X/5 minutes to 1X/week) and carry out more frequent samplings for stray current measurements (every second for 5minutes or every second for 24 hours). Automatic calculation of min, max and standard deviation for rectifier connected devices. 

  • Coupon measurement with relay

-Carry out coupon measurements including AC+DC current measurement

  • Time synchronisation and coordinates 

-Electronic time synchronisation allows for synchronized switching of rectifiers and test points and measurements. 

  • Rectifier switching and control

-The device can also switch rectifiers with an external relay. In addition with a 0-10V/4-20mA output signal it can also control any rectifier.

  • Cloud based advanced monitoring software

-Create alerts, monitor thresholds, assign actions for your CP personnel all from one always accessible dashboard

-Insert manual measurements including standard routes

Full specification

Description Remote monitoring for CP in test posts, rectifiers, drains and isolation joints
Product code Model CPPO.V3.C1.R (for test posts, drains and isolation joints) 

Model CPRA.V3.C1.R (for rectifiers) 

Model CP-Modbus (for Amstel rectifiers) 

Channels 3X DC & 3X AC voltage

1X AC & 1X DC current 

Range and accuracy  AC+DC voltage: +/- 50mV-50V @ max. +/- 1% + 1 digit resolution

AC+DC current: +/- 10mA-20A @ max. +/- 2.5% + 1 digit resolution

Including self-calibrating 0,12% accuracy reference cell (temp coefficient: 9ppm/C)

Impedance > 20 MOhm
Frequency 16 2/3 – 100 Hz (digitally filtered)
Switch accuracy +/- 1 ms
Time synchronisation NTP (GPS upon request) 
Coupon measurement On potential (AC+DC), Off potential (AC+DC), Current AC, Current DC 
Measurement frequency (adjustable)  1X / 5 minutes to 1X / week
Sampling rate and frequency 500hz (2ms), one measurement every 60ms (30 measurements)
Inspection measurement frequency Every second for 5 minutes (300 measurements)

Every second for 24 hours (86400 measurements)

Rectifier control  Connected to external relay. Custom switching frequency (e.g. 0.2/0.8s, 10s/2s)

Additional control via RS232, 0-10V, 4-20mA (upon request) 

Norms Conform the EN-norms 13509
Battery life 38Ah, 6 years with 4X / day measurement 
Power supply 24VDC or 230V
Communication protocol LTE-M
Encryption End-to-end DTLS encryption 
Firmware over the air update Yes
IP-rating 67 
Dimensions: 250*80*70mm

For more information regarding the products specifications, requirements and benefits these can be found in the datasheet. The datasheet can be retrieved from the datasheet button on the left-hand site of the page.

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