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Increase grid capacity with real-time transformer monitoring

Want to fully utilize your grid capacity and transformers? Identify available capacity through real-time transformer monitoring, including power quality, and predict maintenance or replacements with dynamic load models.

High voltage electrical transformers

Why real-time monitoring of transformers?

Ensuring a safe and high-quality power supply to customers with your transformers is challenging in a congested grid nowadays. The electrification of production processes is accelerating, while more and more renewable energy sources are added to the grid. This puts the transformers under stress. Power Quality is a critical aspect that needs continuous monitoring. Peaks or changes in power quality can cause significant damage to equipment or prevent customers from using or exporting electricity to the grid.

Use more capacity

Identify unused available capacity through real-time load monitoring.

Reduce inspections

Reduce physical inspections and save operational time.

Monitor Power Quality issues

Prevent equipment damage and maintain a reliable energy grid for customer use.

Extend transformer lifetime

Calculate transformer degradation using the IEC loading guide and make informed decisions on extending their lifespan.

Meet the AMP (Asset Monitoring Platform):

Your solution for easy access to Transformer Monitoring

Easy to install devices combined with a powerful IoT platform that converts the data directly into actionable insights.

IoT Devices
Easy-to-install devices: voltage clamps, Rogowski coils and a measurement unit with connectivity.

Picture of yellow IoT device

IoT Platform
Withthegrid’s Asset Monitoring Platform: translates data into visualizations and anomalies, monitor asset performance and keep track of issues.

AMP illustration

Key features:

Automated anomaly detection :
Get insights into thresholds, load, temperature, power quality standards (EN50160), loss of life loading guide, fraud, and analytics for individual and groups of transformers. No manual analysis required.

Easily installation:
Mechanics can easily install the device without downtime, adhering to regulations and using it with current transformers or Rogowski coils for flexibility.

Full flexibility :
Measure up to 11 separate feeder cables with extension modules.

Continuous grid capacity insights:
Have real-time insights into the extent of remaining transformer capacity for your processes and assets.

Hybrid solution :
Receive all data directly into your own IT systems whilst using the AMP platform to streamline operations and cut down on inspections.

Cybersecure by design:
Rest easy knowing your data is protected – ISO27001 certified, PKI encrypted data and communication.

Our clients’ perspective:

Picture of Hans Leenders

Hans Leenders

Asset Manager, Joulz

“The digital twin helps us support prosumers in delivering more renewable energy to the grid whilst, at the same time, increasing the efficiency of our own operations.”

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