Prepare your wind or solar park for the new laws and regulations

From 2024, a real-time interface will be legally required for solar parks and wind turbines above 1 MW. Read everything you need to know about it in our free whitepaper.

The Real-time interface 

European legislation requires that wind and solar farms can be immediately shut down by the grid operator in the event of acute congestion. The Dutch grid operators and renewable energy generators have agreed on a standard for this: the Real-time Interface

This standard ensures the data exchange of current production and the possibility of switching off (curtail) when there is too much congestion. This has the following advantages: 

  • Increasing the grid capacity
  • Utilizing moments of extra grid capacity 
  • Simplifying required equipment for commissioning

What you will learn in the whitepaper

Read how you, as a generator, meet the European and Dutch requirements.

Read how to ensure that you meet current and future cybersecurity requirements.

Read how your asset becomes controllable for the grid operator (and for yourself).

Read how you can receive automatic reports when the grid operator has activated a real-time interface.

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