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Improving operational performance, reducing energy losses and extending asset lifetime


Demand forecasting

Our machine learning algorithms can more accurately predict future energy demand thereby giving you more accurate insights into how much energy will need to be produced

Production optimisation

Using temperature and pressure monitoring devices and external data sources the withthegrid optimisation engine calculates how production assets can be dispatched in its most efficient manner. It makes use of proprietary algorithms to determine the most suitable cost savings strategies. 

Buffer utilisation

Using hydraulic modelling of a grid together with our optimisation algorithms withthegrid can calculate how buffers can best be utilised to obtain maximum energy savings and highest peak shaving.

Capacity improvement and network expansion

Our optimisation engine can also identify spare capacity in the grid showing where and to what extent the grid can be expanded to new customers

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Pipeline leakage detection

Our devices can monitor leakages in district heating pipelines and by combining it with other data is able to determine whether the damage may have been caused by third party digging or due to other faults.

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Cathodic protection monitoring

Our devices monitor the cathodic protection levels of steel pipelines. Through pattern recognition our system can detect and predict future failures on the cathodic protection system.

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Customer temperature and pressure monitoring

Our temperature and pressure sensors can be installed on site at end customers. This gives our customers additional insight into the energy use as well as increased optimisation potential

Interested to know how we support our
existing customers? Request the
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