Liquid level, pressure and temperature monitoring for pipes.

LoRA based remote monitoring of liquid level, pressure and temperature with a pipe thread.


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Device partner

Product description

The Decentlab DL-PR 21 device measures liquid levels and temperature. Through LoraWAN connectivity monitoring can be provided for (e.g.) outdoor remote monitoring, level / depth monitoring in tanks for liquids, pressure monitoring in pipelines and tanks, district heating monitoring, leakage detection, water distribution network, and lastly relative pressure measurement. It is easy to install and fully integrated with the Withthegrid online application for remote monitoring and controlling the device.


  • Easy installation
  • LoRaWAN Class A protocol
  • Data is visualized via the Withthegrid online application
  • Fully integrated with the Withthegrid application for sending commands and changing device parameters
  • Unattended real-time monitoring for several years without replacing batteries.
  • Robust polycarbonate enclosure: weatherproof, impact-, UV-resistant (IP67). 
  • Standard alkaline (C-type) batteries. 
  • CE compliant, Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU.

Software functionality

The online Withthegrid application is designed to give the user a complete overview of asset performance. You can view historic performance, set thresholds and alarms and enrich the overview with manual measurements from the field. 

Deep integration with this liquid level, pressure and temperature monitoring for pipes allows you to: 

  • Automatically detect anomalies 
  • Have a real-time status of your asset temperature or ‘liquid level’ 
  • Detect leaks
  • Monitor follow-up actions for your personnel

Device specification

Device Specifications

Dimensions 135 x 81 x 70 mm (not incl. cable/sensor)
Version 510g incl. batteries and sensor (380g excl.)
Enclosure Polycarbonate; weatherproof, impact-, UV-resistant (IP66/IP67).   Pressure equalizer plug with PTFE membrane (IP68).




Pressure Sensor
Operating Principle Piezoresistive pressure measurement
Measurement Range -1.0 … 10.0 bar
Resolution 0.000336 bar / 3.36 mm (= full scale / 32768)
Linearity / precision max. ±0.15 % of full scale
Total error band (max. deviation within 0 … 50 ºC) max. ±0.7 % of full scale
Temperature Sensor
Resolution 0.003125 ºC
Accuracy ±2 ºC (typical)