Monitor your critical infrastructure

With the Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP), improve your asset management insights and stay in control of your IoT.

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Bring your assets online with real-time analytics,
for enhanced asset performance and reduced downtime

Extend asset lifetime up to 10%
Decrease your TCO and decrease your capital expenditures.

Lower operational cost up to 30%
Reduce your downtime and maintenance costs.

Increase workforce efficiency up to 90%
Only spend time on the most important work.

Introducing the AMP:
Your solution for asset monitoring with IoT

The Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP) is designed to empower infrastructure management through seamless connectivity, advanced analysis, and proactive actions.

With the AMP, you can facilitate IoT integration, monitor asset health, enable real-time analytics, and streamline issue and operations tracking.

Two environments
for one seamless experience


Connect and manage all IoT devices in one place

Configure devices, manage data streams, and ensure everything is perfectly aligned with your AMP monitoring environment or company Business Intelligence tooling.

Connect to 3rd party IoT devices and Withthegrid IoT devices

Firmware device management

Device vendor access and monitoring

Direct data forwarding to your IT systems


Gain a complete overview of your assets

Track issues, actions, and insights across all your monitored assets in one intuitive dashboard.

GIS visualisation of assets

Detection of outliers

Issue creation, tracking and assignment

A complete overview over your assets

Gain real-time control and visibility of assets with customizable dashboards, and prioritize operations using alerts for spotting anomalies.

Asset health monitoring

Stay on top of your asset health with proactive alerts and a dynamic map. Set up alerts to detect issues early and navigate your network with a clear visualization of asset status across all locations.

Advanced analytics & visualization

Transform your data into actionable insights with custom dashboards and powerful analytics tools. Personalize visualizations, drill down into specific measurements, and export comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions that optimize asset management.

Issues triggers & alerts

Never miss a critical event again with smart issue triggers and alerts. Prioritize responses based on urgency levels, reduce alert fatigue with automation features, and assign issues to team members for seamless collaboration and quick resolution.

Easy, secure, customizable

More reasons why businesses choose Withthegrid.

Streamlined data delivery

Say goodbye to the complexity of message brokerage and protocol management. Our platform streamlines data delivery by providing webhooks to any endpoint via our portal or API.

Security and accessibility

• ISO27001 certification
• ENCS compliant setup
• End-to-end encryption
• Two-factor authentication
• Certificate and firmware management
• Secure, anywhere access across devices

Customization and support

• Preset templates (dashboard, preconfigured IoT solutions, thresholds…)
• Multi-language support (Dutch, English, others upon request)
• Direct assistance through chat, email, and phone

One platform, countless use cases

The AMP is designed to adapt to any specific use case.

Cable oil pressure monitoring
Cathodic protection
Gas station monitoring
GPS asset tracking
Leak detection & vacuum monitoring
Power quality monitoring
SF6 leak detection
Water pressure and water level monitoring
Your use case?

Cable oil pressure monitoring
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Gasunie meetpaal kathodische bescherming

Cathodic protection
Unlock the full potential of your steel infrastructure with Withthegrid’s cathodic protection monitoring solution. Tailored to streamline your management and analysis of cathodic protection data, our system supports everything from manual field inspections to the integration of remote monitoring devices.

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Gas station monitoring
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GPS asset tracking
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Leak detection & vacuum monitoring
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High voltage electrical transformers

Power quality monitoring
Want to fully use your grid capacity and transformers? Identify available capacity through real-time transformer monitoring, including power quality, and predict maintenance or replacements with dynamic load models.

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SF6 leak detection
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Water pressure and water level monitoring
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Your use case?
The AMP is designed to adapt to your unique use case – contact us to discuss how we can tailor it to your specific needs.

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Our clients’ perspective

Discover why energy companies choose the Teleport.

Hans Leenders

Asset manager Joulz

“The Withthegrid digital twin helps us support prosumers in delivering more renewable energy to the grid whilst at the same time increasing the efficiency of our own operations.”

Menno van Os

Team Lead Pipelines NAM – Shell

“Withthegrid really helped us digitize our operational processes. We are now even more in control and can see the status of our assets in real-time.”

Remco Roos

Asset manager district heating – Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam

“District heating infrastructure is the most valuable physical asset of our company. Supported by several IoT sensor solutions and analytical software from Withthegrid, we stay on top of infrastructure conditions and immediately know when something is wrong.”

Loek Hagenstein

Operational asset manager – Eneco

“Withthegrid’s solution helps us save man hours and get data more frequently.”

Martijn de Kinkelder

Managing director – Hommema

“Withthegrid’s solution helps use analyze the state of the cathodic protection system in a more efficient and data-driven way.”

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