Monitoring cathodic protection

Why sensors for cathodic protection?

  • Continuous monitoring of cathodic protection
  • Saving of operational man-hours
  • Lifetime extension of pipes
  • Less serious damages and lower damage costs
  • Reduction of administrative burden (direct and automatic historical measurement reports incl. audit trail)

Sensor specifications

4 device types:

  • CP-pole: To attach to CP points to measure AC/DC voltage and/or current
  • CP-pole endpoint: To attach to CP endpoints to measure AC/DC voltage
  • Rectifier generic: To position between rectifier and grid to enable switching functionality
  • Rectifier modbus: To connect to rectifier (e.g. Amstel) and enable remote switching and setting of rectifier
  • Range and accuracy DC/AC: + 50mV-100V @ +1%
  • Frequency AC: 16 2/3–100 Hz (digitally filtered)
  • Number of channels: 5 + 1 reference
  • Impedance: 10 mOhm
  • Switching accuracy: + 1 ms
  • Power: Battery (without replacement 6 years with 4X/day measurement)
  • IP-rating: 65
  • Communication protocol: GPRS/NB-IoT/LTE-M
  • Conform the NEN-norms 13509:2003
  • Remote adjustment of measurement frequency (1X/minute to 1X/week)
  • Remote pausing of measurements during works
  • Does not need to be physically decoupled during welding

Installation proces:

  • Less than 15 minutes installation time per sensor
  • Can be installed by field mechanic (no extra certifications required)
  • Automatically coupled to asset and GIS-systems via online platform

Software platform environment

  • Graphic representation of pipes and measured insulation and loop resistances
  • Overview of actual and all historical measurement data
  • Setting of thresholds and receiving alarms via e-mail
  • Advanced user / access matrix with specific roles for measurement specialist and asset manager
  • Full audit trail (including changes to measurement frequency and thresholds)
  • Report functionality
  • Annotation functionality (explain measurement anomalies)
  • Data export functionality
  • Link with customer systems via API or OPC UA connection


  • Complete end-to-end data encryption (CoAP over DTLS)
  • Data processing and storage in line with ISO 27018 and GDPR legislation


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