Who is Withthegrid for?

The mission of Withthegrid is to help digitalize and decarbonize infrastructure. We do this by providing an asset monitoring application that analyzes time series data, detects anomalies, and assigns them to personnel. As such, our solution is primarily aimed at infrastructure owners. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the different scenarios in which customers use our solution. Before we do that, here is a short overview of our solution:

This post will elaborate on the use cases for five categories: 

  • Infrastructure owners
  • Large infrastructure owners
  • Device partners
  • Service providers
  • System integrators

For infrastructure owners

Infrastructure owners need to manage their infrastructure. They need to be sure it is safe, of good quality and affordable for its customers. To achieve this they need to monitor their assets. In this scenario, they use a Withthegrid monitoring environment to manage a group of assets (for example valves in a pipeline system). Withthegrid manages the connectivity environment for the infrastructure owner which includes devices from multiple device partners. Also, the infrastructure owner can add new device types with the support of Withthegrid. 

To see a case study of how an infrastructure owner uses the Withthegrid solution click here.


For large infrastructure owners

Larger infrastructure owners need to manage a multitude of assets. In this scenario, the infrastructure owner has different groups of mechanics/field personnel that manage different groups of assets. Moreover, each asset group is monitored in a separate environment. The advantage is that only the relevant assets are visible for each group of mechanics whilst they use the same functionalities. In fact, the in-house IT team manages different connectivity environments. For example, one for Withthegrid powered devices, one for 3rd party devices, and one for in-house devices. From each of these environments, devices can be assigned to the different monitoring environments in use.


For device partners

Withthegrid also supports device partners in providing solutions for the infrastructure industry. In this scenario, the device partner provisions its devices in the connectivity environment and shares the device claim tokens with the relevant customers. In this way, they are able to provide an integrated monitoring solution whilst at the same time still being able to monitor and in control of their device performance (including firmware updates, etc.).


For service providers

There are many types of service providers in the infrastructure industry. One common denominator is that they are all working on digitalizing their offerings. In many cases, this involves digitalizing their inspection services. Sometimes it is driven by an own need to digitalize whilst in other cases, it is driven by the requirements of the infrastructure owner (i.e. customer) who wants to receive data via an API instead of a PDF. In this scenario, the service provider uses one monitoring environment for all its customers and one connectivity environment for all its devices. Of course, this can vary. It may also be the case that a customer wants one specific monitoring environment so that they can link it directly with their own IT systems and that the service provider combines all other customers into another monitoring environment. 

To see a case study of how a service provider uses the Withthegrid solution click here.

For system integrators

System integrators focusing on the infrastructure sector also benefit from implementing the Withthegrid solution at their customers. They are able to a more integrated solution in a much shorter timeframe. 

In case you are a system integrator and would like to become an integration partner then click here.

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